A lipstick may be chosen taking into account multiple aspects: its texture, its color, its persistence. The color usually prevails, as it’s the hue of the lipstick that can either make or break a perfect look.

You probably love MAC lipsticks, but if you’re having trouble choosing the best products for you, take a peek at our choices!

Best MAC Lipsticks for Blondes

Blondes have more fun! When it comes to lipsticks, women with light hair should always take into consideration their shade of blonde. If your locks are platinum blonde, bold hues are your best picks!

You may try a vast array of MAC lipsticks colors, from pink to bright reds and mauves. Some of the best MAC lipsticks for blondes include Girl About Town (bright blue fuchsia), Russian Red (intense bluish red), and Candy Yum-Yum (neon pink).

Mac Lipstick For Blondes Girl  About TownMac Lipstick For Blondes Russian RedMac Lipstick For Blondes Candy Yumi Yumi

If you have golden locks, you should try milder shades of lipsticks. In MAC lipstick terms, some of your best bets are Razzledazzler (creamy light coral), Sweet & Sour (soft peach cream), and Tart & Trendy (bright neutral orange cream).

Mac Lipstick For Blondes RazzledazzlerMac Lipstick For Blondes Sweet SourMac Lipstick For Blondes Tart Trendy

Best MAC Lipsticks for Dark Skin

Of course, the shades of your hair are not the only ones you might want to take into account when choosing the best MAC lipsticks! More precisely, you need to make sure the lipstick of your choice matches your skin tone, as well.

Some of the best MAC lipsticks for dark skin (be it natural or just sun tan) include products in muted colors: Jist (tanned apricot), New York Apple (muted red with pink shimmer), and Taupe (muted reddish-taupe brown).

Best MAC Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Are you a fair-skinned gal? Then bright shades of lipstick are your best friends! Actually, you can’t go wrong with bold, vintage reds. Some of the best MAC lipsticks for fair skin include, in this particular case, Ruby Woo (very matted vivid blue-red), and Russian Red.

Mac Lipstick For Blondes Ruby Woo

More Tips for Choosing the Best MAC Lipsticks for Blondes

Besides taking into account your skin tone and the shade of blonde you’re sporting, you should keep in mind some more useful tips! Whenever you wear bright, bold MAC lipsticks, go for a simple makeup, as this will allow your lips to take center stage.

What is more, remember that the shape of your lips is also important. When your lips are on the thin side, bright lipsticks won’t do them any justice. Wear soft, light shades of lipsticks to make them look perfect! But if you have full lips, sport with confidence vibrant colored lipsticks as they will make your lips appear more sensual.

Mac Lipstick For Blondes

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