Get ready for the mini skirt season using the best leg makeup available for home use. Find out which products help you get the best results and which is the right way to apply leg makeup.

Whether you simply want leg makeup that won’t stain your clothes or the best waterproof leg makeup, you still have to get ready for the application correctly.

If you want to apply leg makeup to cover veins, blemishes or any other imperfections, you have to start with a clean shave. A gentle exfoliation, followed the next day by shaving your legs and moisturizing them is the best way to ensure the makeup for legs will give you the look your want.

How to Apply Body Makeup for Legs

In problem areas, you can even apply a primer before leg makeup if you want to hide bigger scars or very visible veins. Some makeup products for legs instruct you to apply it using your hands, but a latex sponge is a far messier alternative and you might even use a makeup brush to get the most homogenous effect during the application.

Leg Makeup

Choosing the right body makeup for legs can be tricky. In order to give your skin a flawless look, leg makeup should be thicker. For that reason, avoid products that are designed for “body and face” use. Especially when choosing waterproof makeup for legs, make sure you’re selecting a product that’s specifically designed for that area, not for general use.

If you want a long lasting effect, you can also use powder to set the leg makeup. It can also help protect your clothes or any surface you come into contact with.

Makeup For Legs

Best Leg Makeup

When selecting the right products for sexy summer legs, you can read a few leg makeup reviews. Most of them point to two excellent products: Sally Hansen Leg Makeup and Dermablend Leg and Body Cover.

Try the Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs Shimmer. When you don’t have any big imperfections to hide and simply want to give your skin the perfect sheen, try this spray-on Sally Hansen leg makeup. Forget about streaks with this salon grade product.

Leg makeup reviews point out that this isn’t the ideal product if you want perfect coverage. An even better choice is the Sally Hansen Water Resistant Airbrush Legs, the perfect leg makeup to cover veins, freckles and other imperfections.

Available in 14 shades, the Dermablend Leg and Body Cover is considered the best leg makeup by many buyers. Use it to cover anything from stretch marks to tattoos and finish off your look with Dermablend Setting Powder. This fragrance-free makeup for legs also offers sun protection, SPF 15.

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