The right choice for the waterline, kohl eyeliners feature a soft texture that’s both safe and comfortable and ideal for getting a smoky, smudged look. Try the best kohl eyeliners of the year, top rated products that can help you get the look without the hassle.

Get the Egyptian kohl eyeliner look that makes your eyes look more appealing and feminine by using the right products. Used since ancient times, kohl is still around today thanks to the sensual look it can give you.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner

Considered by many the best kohl eyeliner pencil, this smudge-proof and waterproof product from Rimmel London is the top choice in its field. Get instant color impact thanks to its high intensity pigments and enjoy the creamy formula that simply glides, even on the waterline.

Bobbi Brown Kohl Eyeliner

Get fast results with the dense Bobbi Brown eyeliner  which is a must have for smoky eyes. Its dense and blendable pigment is a blessing when you want to line your lashes very close to the waterline. It’s one of the best kohl eyeliners found in any drugstore, perfect for using on your top and lower lashes for the best smoky effect.

Best 2013 Kohl Eyeliner Brands

Sisley Paris Kohl Eyeliner

Available in iridescent, metallic and matte highlights, the Sisley Paris is considered by many the best kohl eyeliner for sensitive eyes thanks to its easy application and long lasting effect, without any trace of irritation to the delicate skin of the eyelids. With the same texture as cream eyeshadow, this excellent product is available in 6 shades.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio

Praised by many as the best kohl eyeliner for the water, this special product has been formulated especially for the inner rim of your eyes. Give definition and intensity by applying this waterproof kohl eyeliner pencil at the base of your upper lashes and on the inside of the lower eye rim.

Great Kohl Eyeliners In 2013

Benefit Kohl Pencil – Tuxedo

Get a sexy look with the ultra soft eye liner from Benefit that simply glides and features a sponge tip for perfect blending and getting the feminine glamorous look you deserve.

Noir Cosmetics Smooth Blend Eyeliner with sponge tip

Thanks to its creamy consistency, the Noir Cometics is sometimes reviewed as the best kohl eyeliner available in drugstores. Easy to control on your upper or lower lashes, it also features a special sponge blending tip.

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