The newest makeup collection from ArtDeco has managed to artistically combine elements of nature to create a distinctive makeup line that promotes a natural, sunkissed glow. The ArtDeco Aqua Glow Bronzing makeup collection for summer 2011 was inspired by the beauty of water shining under the glowing rays of the sun, and the results are absolutely stunning.

The makeup products featured in the collection are a perfect match for holidays, so boost the beauty of your skin using the new makeup collection signed ArtDeco, as the products are created for the body, face as well as cleavage, enabling you to put your entire body into the spotlight. Discover the beauty of the new collection and select the perfect shades for you:

Bronzing Powder Compact ART DESIGN 11 The powder is water resistant and will help your skin look flawless under the scorching heat of the sun. Because only healthy skin looks fabulous, the powder is packed with SPF 15 protection, to prevent your delicate skin from sun damage. You can find this powder in two shades: Sun Glow Bronzing and Sunset Bronzing.

ArtDeco Aqua Glow Bronzing Makeup for Summer 2011

Travel Kabuki A professional makeup brush is a definite must if you aim for a flawless makeup, so use the travel Kabuki brush to apply the Bronzing Powder on your soft and delicate skin wherever you are.

Beauty Box Trio “Aqua Glow Bronzing” The beauty box contains 3 fab eye makeup colors and 1 blush, all contained in an artistic design, magnetic, limited edition box. The eyeshadows are a perfect blend of earth and aquatic shades for a fabulous summer makeup look.

Beauty Box Duo “Aqua Glow Bronzing” To emphasize the beauty of your eyes, underlining their seductiveness ArtDeco has also created the Beauty Box Duo which, as the name suggests, features 2 fabulous eyeshadow colors which you can use individually or combined for different eye makeup looks that will make you stand out. The magnetic, limited edition box comes with a complete mirror fitted inside, making the box perfect for traveling.

ArtDeco Aqua Glow Bronzing Makeup for Summer 2011

Eyeshadows The eyeshadows have a powdered texture for an easy to use formula, perfect for the summer season. Go for your favorite Duocrome or Pearly shades to create endless makeup color combinations.

Ceramic Nail Lacquer The nail varnishes featured by the collection are not only perfect for the new season, but they also feature a revolutionary formula, with patented ceramic nano particles which offer durability and vibrant colors.

Eye Designer Refill These refillable cartridges allow you to create endless makeup combinations as all the colors are created to work perfectly together. They are perfect for traveling and because they are water-resistant, they will not gather in the crease of the eyelid, creating a fabulous long lasting makeup look.

Eye Designer Applicator “Aqua Glow Bronzing” This is a double sided applicator pencil suitable for the refillable Eye Designer cartridges, so you’ll benefit from a convenient and practical makeup application. Use the conical end to create fine lines and the wide applicator to distribute the eyeshadow on a bigger surface.

Golden Shimmer-Illuminating Fluid This is a perfect product which enhances your tan and makes your skin glow. Due to its fluid texture, it can be easily spread on the entire body including the face, protecting the skin at the same time against moisture loss.

Lip Brilliance Gloss The Lip Brilliance lip glosses offer you the benefits of shiny lips and long lasting color and moisture, in one easy to use tube. The tube features an easy to use applicator, which will enable you to create that luscious lips look while protecting them from sun damage thanks to the SPF 6 protection.

ArtDeco Aqua Glow Bronzing Makeup for Summer 2011

Photos courtesy of ARTDECO