The inspiration behind Anna Sui’s latest makeup collection is made visible from first glimpse, so prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of sizzling, nature inspired colors that pack a certain ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ allure that makes the collection irresistible. Titled Beach Adventures, the collection focuses on bringing to the beauty scene sizzling tones of aqua, pink, sand and gold, colors that have the power to transform your look instantly by accentuating your features to perfection while still maintaining a high dose of naturalness.

The color palette which make you think of the perfect remote getaway, the color of crystal clear blue water and sand glistening at sunset, are difficult to resist, so dare to be a little bit more adventurous when it comes to makeup as the subtlest touch of color can have an immense impact over your look. Opt for a radiant, glam or a more mysterious allure look by experimenting with the fab makeup products by Anna Sui for summer 2012 as these hues are universally flattering and in perfect coordination with the new season color trends. To give the collection that sizzling style that makes traffic stop, soft shimmering pigments with reflective properties have been introduced to the lightweight, long lasting makeup formulas, so you can receive a certain youthful, radiant allure that has met a high increase in popularity this season. The collection will easily become your ‘treasure chest’ when it comes to beauty and style, so browse through the collection and pick your new season must haves:

Eye and Lip Beach Palette Give your eyes and lips a perfect definition using the hottest seasonal hues signed Anna Sui. The palette, which features a double-sided brush, 1 lip brush, a 3in1 color mix eyeshadow and a two tone lip color, packs all the essentials to spicing up your look whenever and wherever, so pick the palette which suits your needs. To accentuate the theme of the collection fab coin and pirate flags are imprinted on the products, so you can beautify yourself in style. The palette is available in two color variations, so pick the one that suits your style best:

Ocean- cool tones of blue, pink, teal and silver

Sunset- warm tones of bronze, gold, brown and red

Beach Nail Color Kit Give your nails a super stylish look by polishing your nails to perfection. Use the following nail polish hues to spice up the look of your manicure as these nail polishes sizzle under the light due to the high shine pigment formula . Two hues are featured in each of the two collections, so pick the one that matches your style best. Choose from:

Ocean– Sea Glitter and Sea Blue

Sunset– Sea Glitter Bronze and Sunset Red

Beach Makeup Remover Pen This is the perfect portable makeup fix to consider owning this upcoming season as with this easy turn-and-click applicator, your look will be refreshed in seconds without any fuss.

Photos courtesy of Anna Sui