Even with a great makeup trial and plenty of preparation, you can still make some big mistakes on your wedding day and have them affect your look. You might not notice them right away, but they’ll definitely show up in the pictures you plan on cherishing for years.

Check out some of the most common wedding day beauty mistakes, and find out how to avoid these problems in order to keep your look perfect. Here are biggest pitfalls that might negatively affect the way you look and feel on your big day.

1. Skipping the Preparation

In order for your wedding makeup to look great and stay put without any problems, you’ll have to do some prep work. Exfoliate the day before your wedding and make sure you hydrate your skin properly before the makeup. You should also consider a good BB or CC cream under the foundation, and make sure that you pay extra attention to moisturizing your eye area.

2. Trying New Products

If everything went well with the makeup trial, you should stick to it for your big day without a single change. One of the biggest wedding day beauty mistakes is trying something new, even if you’re convinced that it’s an upgrade. You don’t know how it will affect your skin, and now is not the time to take any risks or improvise. Make sure your makeup artist has a list of everything used for the makeup trial and sticks to it.

Bridal Makeup Mistakes

3. Not Leaving Enough Time for Makeup Application

There are many things you need to get done before you walk down the aisle, but hurrying your makeup application is a big mistake. In fact, you should leave enough time to take a two minutes between each product application in order to let every single layer dry. When you’re really pressed for time, dry your makeup with a hairdryer set on cool.

4. Changing the Plan at the Last Minute

Even if you get more feedback from your bridesmaids and relatives, one of the worst wedding day beauty mistakes is panicking and thinking that you can improve on your makeup trial with one or more small changes. If you start switching products and application techniques, you might end up with more problems.

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5. Skipping the Practice Pictures

If you’re wearing a white wedding dress, then you should definitely take some practice pictures too. The dress can reflect light and highlight imperfections on your makeup. Make sure that you take the practice pictures in the same lighting conditions as your final ones. If you notice too much reflection, you might need to go a shade darker with your foundation or with more color on your lips or eyes.

6. Picking the Wrong Type of Lashes

When you plan on using lash enhancements, one of the biggest wedding day beauty mistakes is to go for traditional strip eyelashes. Even if you tested them out in your makeup trial, you might get teary eyed more than once on your wedding day. Instead, use individual extensions to make sure they’ll last through for the entire day.

7. Protect Yourself for Lipstick Teeth Stains

Using lipstick is not the best idea on your wedding day. A lip stain has better lasting power, and you won’t need frequent touch ups. However, if you’re set on lipstick, use a touch of petroleum jelly on your front teeth to prevent the lipstick from sticking to them.

Wedding Beauty Disasters

8. Avoiding Body Makeup

Even if everything is perfect on your face and the pictures show it, one of the big wedding day beauty mistakes is ignoring the rest of your body. A shimmer powder can do wonders on your collarbones and even on your back, depending on the cut of your dress. You should also consider adding a touch of shimmer to your legs as well if they’re exposed.

9. Choosing the Wrong Deodorant

On your big day, a clinical strength deodorant can be a much better option than your regular one. You’ll be dancing a lot and you want maximum protection all night long.

10. Having an Incomplete Touch Up Kit

Even if you’ve avoided all the other wedding day beauty mistakes, don’t forget about your touch up kit. It needs to include, at the very least, blotting papers to fight fine, mints or strips for your breath, perfume, and anything else you might need to fix an emergency, including lipstick, more deodorant and even bobby pins.