Having blonde hair and blue eyes can make you look washed out and it’s easy to go overboard with makeup. Here’s how to do a balanced makeup look for blue eyes and blonde hair!

Makeup for Blue Eyes: Base

Start with the face and even out skin tone and hide imperfections with foundation. When buying foundation, test the color on the jaw line and make sure it disappears and blends into the skin.

Makeup for Blue Eyes: Steps

Apply eyeshadow primer on both upper and lower lids, then set the base with loose powder.

Use a shimmering beige brown eyeshadow the entire upper lid. To bring out your blue eye color, use eyeshadows in warm colors that will create a strong contrast with your eyes, like rich browns, golds, metallic bronze shades and warm pastels.

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes Video Tutorial

Add depth to the eyes by working a matte brown eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eyes in an upward motion. Use a fluffy brush with a rounded tip to blend the eyeshadows until the transition between the two colors is smooth.

Accent the crease with a rusty shade which will brighten up the makeup and will give it a touch of color.

Dip a small angled brush into matte black eyeshadow to define the lash line, then blend with a

fluffy round brush.

Use a shimmering coffee colored eyeshadow on the lower lash line to further enhance your blue eyes. Add highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes and brow bone.

Makeup For Blue Eyes

Trace the upper lash line with liquid eye liner. This will pull the whole eye makeup together and will give more depth to the eyes.

Finish the eye makeup with a few coats of lengthening mascara or even add false lashes for a glamorous look.

Use an illuminating concealer under the eyes which will brighten the skin and cover dark circles.

Move onto the eyebrows and define them with an ashy matte eyeshadow if needed.

Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Makeup for Blue Eyes: Cheeks & Lips

Use a multi toned shimmer blush to add color the cheeks. Sparkling shimmer blushes look amazing when paired with any shade of blonde hair.

Line the lips with a rose-pink lip liner then fill them in with the same pencil. Add a drop of lip gloss down the center of the lips for a romantic look.

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