Hazel eyes are beautiful combinations of all eye colors, mostly consisting of brown, green and gold colors. Hazel eyes are very versatile and allow you to play with a wide variety of makeup colors, depending on which color you want to emphasize. 

The best makeup colors for hazel eyes include: warm neutrals and soft autumnal shades for daytime wear, while purple tones should be your go-to colors for smouldering smokey eyes for hazel eyes. Try this glamorous pink and brown eye makeup with gold shimmer to bring out your hazel eye color!

Glam Hazel Eye Makeup: Face

Start by creating an even base and apply foundation with a synthetic brush. For daytime wear, use a light to medium coverage foundation but if you’re heading out layering foundation will give you even more coverage and flawless skin. 

Next hide blemishes and imperfections of the skin with concealer. Set everything with a sheer face powder, which will give a smooth, polished finish.

Glam Hazel Eye Makeup Steps

Hazel Eyes Makeup Step By Step

First apply a creamy eyeshadow primer to the eyelids. A primer will intensify colors and provide a good base for eyeshadow to adhere to. 

Use a pink eyeshadow with gold shimmer on the entire upper lid. Pick up matte midtone brown eyeshadow with a firm brush and apply it to the outer corner of the eyes and into the crease. Lightly build up the eyeshadow in an upward motion for a flattering eye lifting effect, then bring it down to the middle of the lower lid. Use a clean fluffy brush to blend the eyeshadows and create a smooth transition between the pink and brown colors. 

Hazel Eye Makeup Steps

Enhance both upper and lower lash lines using a dark brown eyeshadow. This will give eyelashes depth and fullness. Apply a pearl finish eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes to add brightness to the look. If you want to turn daytime makeup into a dramatic evening look, intensify the crease color and outer corner with a matte black eyeshadow. Blend it lightly for a seamless finish. 

Trace the upper lash line with black liquid eye liner and extend it into a flick. Mark the waterline with a soft black eye pencil for a more intense nighttime makeup look. Apply two coats of black mascara on upper and lower lashes concentrating on the outer half of the lash line. Use an ashy brown eyeshadow to define eyebrows which you’ll apply with small brush for more precision.

Glam Hazel Eye Makeup: Cheeks and Lips

Swipe a highlighter onto the brow bone, beneath the arch for an illuminating effect. You can also use your concealer or shimmery white or beige eyeshadow if you don’t have highlighter at hand.

Makeup For Hazel Eyes

Contour cheeks using a matte bronzer two shades darker than your foundation. Buff the color upwards and towards the temples to sculpt the face. Switch to a smaller brush and contour the sides of the nose, then add a healthy flush to the cheeks with a rosy blush. 

Eye Makeup For Hazel Eye Color

Finish off the makeup with a sheer lipstick or lip gloss. Go with a rosy lip color for darker skin, while orange tones work best with fair skin.

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