Pin-up makeup is all about feminine charm, lots of attitude and sensuality. All these characteristics are mirrored in the sultry pin-up eye makeup and luscious red lips. Learn how to do the pin up girl makeup with a few basic steps!

Pin-up Makeup: Flawless Skin

Create a flawless base with illuminating primer and foundation. For the classic pin-up makeup look, a foundation in one or two shades lighter than your skin tone is best suited. Set the base with a sheer pressed powder with a mattifiying effect to get a porcelain-like finish.

Classic Pin-up Eye Makeup: Steps

Use a primer on the entire eyelid to ensure your pin-up eye makeup will last longer. A white primer delivers a more intense color payoff. Follow with a pearly white eyeshadow on the entire lid from lash line to eyebrow and also on the lower lid. 

Pin Up Eye Makeup Step By Step

Add depth to the eyes by working taupe eyeshadow into the crease for a dramatic effect. Join the outer corner with the crease color using the same taupe eyeshadow to slightly lift the eye. Blend the colors with a clean fluffy brush to get the smoothest transition.

Use a soft ivory pencil to brighten up the inner corner of the eyes. Draw a line underneath the arch of the eyebrows using the same pencil and blend down into the brow bone. 

Pin Up Eye Makeup Steps

Trace the lash line with your favorite black eyeliner and extend it into a flick. The easiest way to line your eyes is to start at the outer corner working your way inwards. Play with different eyeliner styles and shapes until you find the ones that work best with your eye shape.

How close you will bring the eyeliner towards the inner corner will be determined by the shape of your eyes: for close set eyes you will want to stop at the middle of the lash line to create the illusion of more space between eyes. For wide set eyes, trace the lash line all the way to the inner corner. This technique will reduce the space between the eyes.

Finish off the pin-up eye makeup with the ivory pencil in the waterline and two coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Fill in the eyebrows using an ashy brown color. A strong arched brow is a staple of the pin-up girl look, so don’t be afraid to shape them.

Pin Up Makeup Final Look

Pin-up Makeup: Cheeks and Lips

Contour cheeks with a powder one shade darker than the base, then follow with a peach colored blush. No pin-up makeup is complete without a bold red lip. Use a red pencil to line the lips and add a layer of red lipstick with a creamy finish. You can also dot on a beauty mark to add more charm to your pin-up makeup look.

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