Getting the sophisticated look of cat eye makeup can be tricky, but as long as you use the right products and experiment a little, you can pull off this stylish look that can be created with or without the smokey eye effect.

Smoky Eye Makeup: Cat Eyes Essentials

The best tool for the cat eye makeup is the liquid eyeliner, which allows for the necessary precision much more than a pencil eyeliner. You’ll also need Q-tips with makeup removal at hand, since this is a technique that needs a steady hand and you should be able to wipe off any mistake on the spot, before applying the eyeshadow for the cat eye makeup.

Cat Eye Makeup and Smoky Cat Eyes

How to Do Cat Eye Makeup for Day

For a more toned-down, but equally elegant cat eye makeup, start with the brush on the lashes at the inner corner of the eye. You should use small strokes at first and worry about thickening the line later. Stop at the end of your lashes then start the tail at the opposite ends and unite the two lines at the outer corner of your eye.

Follow the natural lash line and keep it relatively thin for a day look. Apply a dark eyeshadow on the top of your line and work towards the brow bone. Finish off the look by gently smudging the eyeliner and eye shadow. It’s best to keep it simple and use just one shade of eyeshadow if you want an easy to wear day look.

Don’t overdo the mascara for cat eyes and keep lips with a matte finish in nude, pale pink or peach tones if you want to keep attention focused on your eyes. Use an eyeshadow primer or an oil-free foundation if you choose to keep a thinner line.

Cat Eye Makeup and Smoky Cat Eyes

How to Do Cat Eye Makeup for Evening

The evening cat eye makeup look allows for more dramatic styles, but the essentials are the same. You can try using two or even three shades of eyeshadow, but blend them correctly to get the best look. Mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes enhances this style of makeup.

If you’re not getting the result you want by thickening the eyeliner flick, you can opt for a different technique for the perfect cat eye makeup. After drawing the thin line over your upper eyelashes, draw straight out following the angle of your lower lash line, stop at the most extreme point towards and your temple and bring back the eyeliner towards your lower eyelid. You can fill out the triangle at the end, once you’ve got the shape that works best for your eyes.

The most famous celebrity cat eye makeup wearers like Taylor Swift opt for the daytime version of the look without the smoky eye part, while Angelina Jolie has blended the styles perfectly for a more dramatic and glamorous appearance.