Finding the right make up requires experimenting as well as refined skills for shades and textures. The summer encourages the pairing of various bright and cheerful tones. Pink might seem a simple color, however similarly to other shades it has endless variations that would create a unique visual-effect. Skin tone as well as the shape of and shade of the eyes as well as even hair color would contribute to the overall effect of your make up. For a breezy walk on the beach make sure you appeal to the muted and less striking tones whereas the radiant hues would suit the night events and cocktail parties. However the look will depend on the impression you are eager to create be it eye-popping or moderate. These are some of the basic guidelines on how to wear the pink lips summer make up trend worth taking into account when planning your next look.

When deciding to choose this type of statement accessory it is important to also keep in mind the rest of your make up. As bright lips might serve as the best means to attract immediate attention make sure you skip the bright tones also on the eyes. This is highly advisable especially if you are eager to avoid the candy make up effect. Instead keep the eyes either bare or sport a no-make-up eye style that would include the use a soft eyeliner and some mascara in order to play up your eyelashes. Also additionally if you stick to the use of eye shadow make sure you opt a tone that complement your lips in a less prominent way. Find the closest shade especially in terms of peachy or rosy undertones.

Skin tones can play a crucial role in the outcome of your make up. Those who decide to try their hand at the summer pink lips trend should carefully analyze the shade of their complexion and proceed according to this principle. The ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ guidelines would help you find the best option. Therefore make sure you choose the best pink tone that suits your facial features and skin tone. In the case of fair skin it is recommended to choose from the pastel and more muted tones as there’s no need to go uber-bright to make a statement.

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On the other hand dark skin tone might need some radiance and a refined vibe in this case you might go for the vibrating hues that would perfectly complement your skin tone as in the case of Meagan Good or Cheryl Cole. Those who belong to the group that is set in-between have the honor to choose from an infinite color palette in order to make the right statement with their lips. Great designers also illustrate how the [ink lips can be embedded both in a colorful outfit repertoire as well as the urban sportswear and feminine style fantasies.

Pale pink and pastel-tones would complement the look of those who would like to experiment with the trend still not jump right into the most smashing styles of the look. Instead for a gradual transition to the day to night make up these shades would prove to be just perfect. The bold way of sporting pink lips scream for candy tones as well as the fuchsia and shimmery textures would work for those who are courageous enough to promote the trend in its utmost beauty regardless of any limitations.

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