Choosing the bright eye make up in order to accentuate your best features might be a real challenge. Therefore it is more advisable to consider some basic tricks to pull off the best look that would definitely speak for itself when it comes of both daytime as well as evening green eyes make up 2010. Fashion designers are aware of the fact that the public needs some encouragement as well as examples on how to master the application of various shades and textures. Therefore they complete and also crown their collections and the atmosphere of the show with fabulous make up designs. These indeed launch a real craze among those who would like to be up-to-date with the newest fashion trends and looks. The following steps and tricks will guide you to success.

Night Time Tips

For the night time you can rely on the sparkling and eye-catching effect of this make up shade. Indeed the first stage is to prepare the perfect canvas for your make up. In this case use concealer, foundation and at the end a translucent powder to banish all the eventual beauty flaws and even out your skin tone. Look for the shimmery shades and start with a lighter shade that is applied to the eye lids in a uniform manner. Then make sure you also have at hand a darker tone that should be placed on the lower lash line as well as the inner corner of your eyes.

Use a pro make up brush to blend the two tones into either a graduated or uniform look. In addition it is also important to emphasize the unique look with the help of a deep green eye pencil, use this to the upper lashline as well as the rim of the eyes. Handle it with care and mastery. Mascara also occupies a prominent role in this case too as it would add a tint of glamor to your rich lashes.This way you’ll be able to create the perfect evening green eyes make up.

Daytime Tips

When deciding to sport a similar look as a daytime make up you might need some guidelines to polish your look. Indeed green is perfect in its endless shades both for the day and night. However when heading to the beach or a pool party with a similar make up make sure first of all you use matte tones. These would help you play down the look and make it more day friendly and event-appropriate. Therefore first and foremost line the upper lashes with the help of a green eyeliner in gel or cream formula.

This will properly highlight the shape of your eyes, In the lower lashline make sure you use the same hue or you can also go for the brown or light purple or gold. These tones in a cute combo will ensure the standing ovation for your look. Finally apply the matte eye shadow to your lids and head to the crease as high as you consider in order to create the desired effect. Don’t forget about mascara to further boost the effect of your glimpse.

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