Creating a subtle and alluring look might need some preparation. Besides the selection of the best tones it is also important to devote more time to the application of the make up. Choosing one of the most spectacular and popular trends might be really hard as these all aim to emphasize our mesmerizing glimpse as well as draw the attention to this spot in order to immortalize our appearance. Metallic eye make up dominated the runway as designers also admire its mysterious and breath-taking visual-effect. Some might sport it for a formal event others would like to pay tribute to the sunny weather with a similar party make up style. In both cases it is highly recommended to try out the endless variations in which the shimmery and radiating shades can be used. In the following steps learn how to create the golden smokey eyes summer make up.

Grecian goddess make up styles are super-popular among brides as well as the ones who would like to accentuate their natural eye color and refine shape. Indeed summer radiates a warm and cheerful and at the same time sophisticated aura through its light tones and metallic effects. Gold is the new black when it comes of smokey eyes make up. Enhancing your appearance and overall make up with a similar tone can be best done when pairing the right shade with your skin tone. This is the first step towards a spotless look.

Let yourself be guided by the skin tone principle to have overwhelming success with your party make up. Fair skin is indeed tricky as it seems the most distant shade from metallic colors. Therefore make sure you choose a lighter and sunny tone that would make the best impression when paired with the rest of your summer make up. In the case of olive and darker skin tones make sure you go for a more profound tone as it would perfectly suit the deep undertones of your natural complexion. The darker the skin the darker the tone of gold should be for the desired effect.

Proceed the similar way with your eye color, make sure the shades you pick would perfectly complement your eyes. The darker the eye color is the deeper the color palette should be in order to pull off a more prominent look. Metallic golds come in endless shades from the lighter and sunny tones to the brownish and copperish looks. Keep these two factors in mind before starting to apply your eye make up.

After selecting the best eye shadow start the application with the proper tools, Juggle with shades and visual-effect and place the golden tone to the eye lid. Make sure you completely cover this section. In order to emphasize the eyes and create the ‘wow’ effect apply a darker version of the initial gold to the crease and make sure you blend the two colors into a perfect fusion. This trick will complement all eye shapes from the ones with droopy eyelids to the Asian type eyes. It is also advisable to shift your concentration to the inner corner of the eye. Make up artist often appeal to this trick to secure the breathtaking appearance of the eyes with the application of a lighter golden tone to this very spot. This way you’ll be able to illuminate the face and expose it than with simply leaving this section bare.

Remember that the eyeliner can also have a fabulous effect on your eye make up. Therefore us a liquid black eyeliner and highlight the fine lines of your eyes with it. Start from the outer corner and proceed to the inner one with a well-defined movement. The lower lashes should be also emphasized with the eyeliner, additionally make up pros also dip an eyeliner brush into black powder eye shadow in order to further boost the crowd-pleasing look of your make up. Moreover this tiny ritual will also guarantee the long-lasting effect of your golden smokey eyes.

Crown the look of your eyes with black mascara especially if you would like to enhance the length and rich texture of your lashes. Choose the best mascara that suits your preferences as well as the quality of your eyelashes. Comb through them with care and make sure you smudge-proof your chic and feminine summer make up.