The right emo makeup will surely underline your style, so be sure to follow these tips and create fab statement makeup looks every time you desire.

You will need:Eye linerMascaraPowderMasking Tape – optionalBlack or Red eye shadows or any strong colorsBlack kohl

Emo Makeup for Girls

Eyes: Find an old credit card or something else straight. Place the card in line with the base of your eye lashes (same for uppers and lowers) and using an eyeliner pencil draw a straight line. Apply liquid eye liner in the same way on top, for a smoother look.

When the eye liner has dried, apply a healthy amount of black eye shadow to your eye lids. Then, using a dark red eye shadow, create a shadow effect by applying a thin amount all round your eyes. Apply a small amount of black eye shadow to your eyelashes before applying mascara.

Lips: Then apply some dark red liquid lipstick to your lips.

emo girl

Emo Makeup for Boys

Face: Get a small sponge and apply white powder all over your face and neck.

Eyes: Get some masking tape and put some strips along your face, above and below your eyes. Between the masking tape should be your eyes, apply black powder with a sponge all the way along your face. Slowly remove the masking tape.Carefully draw a thin line of black liquid eye liner on the upper eyelid, then on the bottom.

You can enhance this later with more liner if you want a thicker, more intense line of eye liner.

Don’t over-do it! You don’t want to look like you’re going out for Halloween. Dark is good, but not too dark. Apply makeup in a reasonably bright light!

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