Black eyeliners are ageless tools that are often used to create the gloomy or more sparkling atmosphere. The effect it creates is undoubtedly a dazzling one since besides offering a frame to our eyes it also acts as a real magnet to attract the attention of the public. Those who long for bigger statement eyes should join the constantly increasing bold makeup fans who manage to embed the following trend into their both casual and more formal look. The season crowns the beauty of heavy eyeliners and lines up rows of catwalks that portray the fabulous illusion this profound makeup trick creates.

Those who are devotees of a gloomier, Goth like or simply ‘eye-popping’ makeup will enjoy the great benefits and success the excessive use of eyeliners will give them. Indeed, there are several ways to accentuate our eyes. Some might go for the ultra-classy, some for the vivid and vamp style makeup. The tricks lies in the impression you want to create in the eyes of the beholder.

If you’re experimenting with the more moderate still sparkling look, pair the black eyeliner with a nude or less prominent eyeshadow that will complement the breath-taking effect of the lines. Blend it into your natural skin tone and make sure it is spread evenly as if a carefully applied base makeup. Apply the eyeliner opting for one of the endless variations, the winged, only the upper or lower or all over the eyelid style.

These all will certainly please your taste. Choose the one that best reflects your personality. Keep the lips and also cheeks neutral, use either a rosy or a nude lip gloss or a simple lip balm. This is the key to dress down the bold look of the eyes. Let these beauties speak for yourself and maintain the rest of the makeup neat and sophisticated.

On the other hand, there are endless volunteers who would like to flash their darker and subtle side and sport the wilder and more prominent variation of the heavy eyeliner trend. Choose the best eyeliner for your eye shape and also according to the texture of the product. If you feel like mastering the liquid formula, opt for it. However, those who would like to go for sure should consider choosing the cream, pencil or stick variant. This time feel free to go into extremes and apply the eyeliner all over the upper lids and also rim the eyes by also covering the lower lashline.

Start from the lashes upward just below the creases, make it even and precisely to avoid any bare spots or lines. You can secure the long-lasting effect by covering the eyeliner with a powder shadow of exactly the same tone. This trick will only further emphasize the effect. If you decide to use liquid eyeliner, proceed similarly only widen the line over the lashes and you’re even allowed to use your creativity and experiment with unique designs.

The secret to pull off the heavy eyeliner trend is indeed to be brave enough to experiment with different shades. Colored eyeliners seem to be just as popular especially if you wear them without further upgrading your look with other shades. The chic makeup look will be best achieved if you pair the perfect tones with your skin color as well as eye color. Contrasting shades will attract the spotlight and radiate confidence in your refined makeup skills.