Being always in the quest for the most comfortable and at the same time chic lip makeup might be pretty exhausting. Therefore Urban Decay came up with a complete line of lip glosses of versatile shades and high street packaging. Those who are mesmerized by the infinite color palette makeup artists work with will have the opportunity to experiment with this high tech formula that promises lip plumping as well as a smashing effect when applied with regularity.

Indeed creators of the Urban Decay Lip Junkie Fall Collection managed to envision a non-sticky lip gloss that has all that it takes to turn out lips into statement accessories especially if we prepare to make the best impression on someone. Check out the chromatic selection of the line and make sure you have at least 2-3 of these hues at hand to highlight the beauty of your lip shape and also skin tone.


The parade of fab lip glosses includes shimmery and softened shades as well as vibrating colors. These would help you define your purpose with your makeup and create the desired impression. Those who are fascinated by the natural looking styles will have the chance to sport shades as: Naked, Midnight Cowboy as well as Heavy which might not be as prominent as their bright counterpart. On the other hand if you are impressed of the profound and eye-catching tones make sure you have in your clutch colors as: Perversion, love Junkie as well as Jilted. These are definitely the real deal when it comes of a statement and party makeup look. Complement your features and top your lip makeup with a shiny gloss which creates the immediate plumping effect for more sensuous lips.

Midnight CowboyLove JunkiePerversionPeroxide

The complex formula to create this lip gloss line is as essential as the overall look. Therefore it must be mentioned that Urban Decay this time used a collagen increasing element which would help you pump your lips visibly. The sole condition to succeed the makeover project is to use it on a daily basis for at least one month. Those who long for kissable and full lips will be thrilled to try their hand at the Urban Decay Lip Junkie collection which would both boost the prominence of your lips and has also a moisturizing function to keep the spotless condition of this area. Test the objectives of the valued makeup company and make lip glosses key elements of your beauty kit.

Red LightRunaway

Urban Decay devoted also special attention to packaging. In this case we’ll have to deal with a single tube of Surlyn which helps the proper application and rules out the chance for any unpleasant accidents that might make the lip gloss explode in our clutch. The tube is also topped with a trademark stained glass metallic cap. It is gunmetal layered with purple lining. The special details make the line even more appealing to makeup junkies therefore take a closer look at the complete collection to get the proper inspiration for your next shopping binge at the cosmetic store.

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