Makeup can underline your facial features and bring out the best in you without making you look “artificial”, but in order to obtain such a perfect look one must pay attention to the latest makeup trends, personality, proper application techniques as well as skin tone, as only this way the desired results can be obtained. Seductive makeup looks have always been a magnet when it comes to attention, so no wonder girls are always focusing on achieving such a fab look. To ensure you make the right choice we have put together some ultra seductive makeup ideas for 2011, makeup styles which can inspire you to recreate these amazing looks!

Bold colored lips, whether tangerine, bright orange, fuchsia or red look amazing and there are a variety of cool hues to choose from to complement your skin tone with. Because this makeup concentrates on the lips, making them look incredibly seductive, it’s best to balance the rest of your makeup by opting for a minimal look as far as the eyes and cheeks go. A flawless complexion is a must if you want to adopt this makeup style, so use a concealer and a perfect blend of skin foundation. Apply a white eyeliner on your waterline to create the illusion of bigger, illuminated eyes and coat your eyelashes subtly using a brown or black mascara depending on your hair color. A touch of blush will give you that extra definition that will make all the difference, so opt for a subtle natural blush. Don’t apply a lip gloss over the brightly colored lipstick to keep your look as natural as possible.

A fresh pink-tone based makeup can look incredibly sensual especially if you have a fair to medium skin tone. This girl-next-door type of look suits all occasions, hence you’ll look great with this type of makeup regardless of the event. Use a matte or illuminating foundation to give your skin an even color and apply a beige primer on your eyelid. You can apply a soft sheer shimmery pink eyeshadow on or you can allow your eyelids to be enhanced only by the natural tint of the primer, as either way you’ll look great. Complete your eye makeup by curling your eyelashes and coating them using a black colored mascara. Emphasize your cheeks using a touch of pink blush and apply a soft sheer pink lipstick to make your lips receive a natural, effortless look.

If you’re all about drama, you definitely need to opt for a fab and bold eye makeup that will make your eye color pop. Smokey eye makeup created using shimmery brown tones can definitely make your eyes stand out and since earth tone makeup is extremely popular, you’ll definitely suit the new trends. Use a shimmery brown eyeliner with gold pearls to contour the eyes and apply a similar, (burnt sienna, gold/brown) eye shadow on to create the smoke-up look. Curl and coat your eyelashes heavily with mascara and keep the rest of the makeup natural using foundation, pink blush and a nude lipstick or lip gloss and you’ll look amazing. This type of makeup is appropriate for evenings, so if you need to attend a special event, don’t hesitate to give this look a try.

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