Summer is here, so it’s time to update your make-up by following the new trends! The new summer make-up trends are all about fresh pink flushed cheeks, well defined eyes, nude to bright colored lips and sexy, full arched eyebrows.

If it’s pretty hard to choose what suits you best, match colors and textures to your skin tone.If you have a nice tan it’s worth to show it and glow it!

Sunkissed SkinOrange, blue and tangerine shades are in abundance this season. Not all can wear them but for those that can they are a great alternative to the pinks.

Those with golden skin will find that orange makeup will tend to warm and highlight the face like no pink ever could.

Summer makeup for tanned skin

How to Get the Look

Make-up Base: Cover the face with a very light coating of either luminous skin cover or luminous moisturizer – the key here is a natural glow to the skin not a made-up feel!

Eyes: Using a blue toned shimmer powder or loose eyeshadow dip a finger into the shimmer then dab lightly around the eye both on the top and bottom. The aim is to make it look like a sprinkling of shimmer, which results in a very sexy but simple look. Apply a little extra shimmer powder on the very inside and outside of the eye to accent it and bring it out and coat your lashes with a brown mascara.A black will look to heavy and detract from the lightness of the actual eye makeup.

Lips: Using a lip brush first line and then fill your lips with an orange toned lipstick. To give the lips a sexy sheen pair your lipstick with a coating of clear orange gloss.