Nothing is sexier than a makeup that accentuates your alluring glimpse or kissable lips. Master the art of eye shadow, concealer or lipstick application using the following simple party season makeup tips.

Highly acclaimed beauticians reveal their secret of turning ordinary girls into real fairies. Learn from the best and upgrade your makeup regime to the newest makeup trends.

Natural-Looking Makeup Base Tip

Kim Soane from Bobbi Brown offers us the secret of creating a natural-looking makeup base. Some are afraid of using bronzer to add natural glow to their complexion. However, the trick to nail down a glam look is to keep bronzer on the cheekbones and cheeks. Skip the area around the nose and chin to make sure you spare yourself from a beauty meltdown.

Plump Lips Tip

Plump your lips without having to use a bright shade. Turn your nude lips into statement accessories with the help of an eyebrow pencil instead of a lipliner.

Lisa Butler is one of the most sought-after beauticians and she highly recommends the use of this product to define the fine lines and add definition to this delicate spot.

Foundation Tip to Hide a Long Nose

Are you not completely pleased with the shape of your nose? This time use a life-saving makeup trick to make your nose look shorter.

Apply a darker foundation shade on the tip and blend it into your overall makeup base. The result will be simply mesmerizing.

Mascara Tip

Ladies often tend to apply mascara only on the ends of the lashes. However, it is a must to start the application from the roots in order to create a neat and perfectly defined effect. The section near the eye should be equally accentuated and tinted. Apply two coats if necessary in order to make your glimpse the top attraction of the party.

Bold Eye Makeup Tip

The party season encourages you to wear the hottest makeup designs. If you’re lusting after some drama, use this bold eye makeup trick. Apply a tiny layer of primer on your lids and proceed to the cream shadow base. Then, if the visual effect is not 100% pleasing, apply a tiny layer of powder shadow to the top. Enjoy the va-va-voom result of your makeover.

Simple Party Makeup Tricks

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