About Scene Makeup and how to get itWhen it comes to scene makeup there is no pattern. Still, many scene girls keep eyes as the main focus, so never let the rest of your makeup overpower the eyes. Stick to sheer lipgloss, if any, the best and that’s enough. The pale look for canvas is always welcome. You got to know first what type of makeup do you want: smoky eyes, sparkling diva look, goddess look, punky shades or anything you saw on other girls. Although things might seem a bit complicated at first, with a bot of practice and a steady hand, you’ll quickly master the scene makeup application technique, so just browse through the following makeup styles and try to recreate your fave look!

After you decide the look you want, choose your makeup palette. However, you’re not limited to eye shadow or eyeliner color choices, you can also use less intense eye shadow colours.

The most popular is the heavy smokey eye look.

The traditional smokey eye makeup shadows are, of course, black or grey, but for a more “sceny” look you can use: violet, chocolate, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue or purple. Wearing eyeliner is a must (whether you’re male or female). If you have the “skills” to apply it, do it yourself, but if you’re a novice gal or guy, let someone else who knows how to apply eyeliner do it for you and teach you how to do it well.Guys have the tendency to put a little too much makeup on their faces, while girls can wear as much or as little as they please.

Applying eyeliner all the way around the eye is optional, and winging it out on the sides for a cat eye effect is a common practice. Find what eyeliner looks good on you and stick with it. Lines can be thin or thick, depending on what you like best. Add bright bold neon eye shadow. Hot pink is most popular, but you could go for yellow, purple or even rainbow shades. Pigments are the best, but they can be quite expensive. You could get a normal eyeshadow that’s not sheer, wet your applicator, then apply.

Depending on what scene you would like it to be, use faux lashes. False lashes were brought back by the “Scene Queen” Jeffree Star. If it doesn’t come out quite right or how you want it to be, keep in mind that you need only some exercise to get a flawless scene makeup!

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