Learning how to play down your make up and at the same time keep in mind all the features that should be emphasized is a great job indeed and might require a few instructions. Though some are keen to experiment with the looks it is still essential to know what and where to look for when selecting to hues and design of application. In the case of the rose-tinted cheeks make up 2010 it is a must to draw some inspiration from the looks below as well as follow some basic tips and phases.

Cheeks might be underestimated when it comes of face make up as these succeeded in achieving great prominence in the past years. Designer illustrate how these when properly accentuated can speak for your whole look without additional details. These are some of the most popular looks worth taking a glimpse at from the fashion shows of the year.

One of the basic secrets to find the shade that best suits you is to define your purpose with your make up as well as analyze your skin tone. Indeed as the name mirrors rosy-tinted make up was once considered a faux pas for those who had a complexion tone closer to the peachy colors. However this time the light-dark contrast manages to serve as the best means to play with the various effect.

Both fair skin as well as darker skin tones would look oh-so-fabulous when it comes of sporting one of the latest trends in make up. Find the shade that best represents you, for a romance breeze rely on the effect of the matte and more natural light pink tones whereas if you are keen to make a statement make sure you find the deeper and visually-pleasing and prominent cheeky and profound pinkish shades.

In the past ladies and young girls used blush in order to banish the red spots when they were embarrassed as well as to play with the proportions of the face. These reasons are still valid today however it seems that nowadays make up artists consider it one of the central pieces and stages of a well-defined face make up. Therefore it is highly advisable to devote more importance and attention to it. Therefore make sure you remember the following golden rule of playing up your cheeks.

Use a powder blush as it will offer a more natural and easy-to-handle effect to the application. Start at the lower part of the cheekbones and head upwards in order to create a beach fairy and more sensitive and sophisticated look. One of the great trends of the past as applying blush to the apply of the cheeks is in the present considered a real no-no. Keep the defined limits properly to avoid make up blunders.

When it comes of the eyes and the lips take into account the nature of your make up, whether it is made in the breezy summer style or as an eye-catching party make up. In the first case you can leave your eyes bare and lips tinted with a rosy hued lip gloss or lip balm as well as sport a more nude-oriented look. In the case of a more spectacular appearance make sure you take a glimpse at the latest color trends in make up and choose either a tie-dye, multi-colored or bright make up to emphasize your best assets as well as the mesmerizing glimpse.

Images via ELLE.com