When talking about winter holidays we all tend to think to glowing and sparkling colors. As sometimes it is rather difficult to manage the hectic schedule and still being able to face the specific holiday demands, such as attending evening events or Christmas parties you just need some basic makeup rules in order to look stunning without too much effort.

Remember that a daytime look can easily be transformed into a party makeup. For this you should invest into a transparent compact powder that will instantly give a matte finish to your skin. Then, there are the already known tools you should use. For example, for a more dramatic look, you can accentuate the light color of the eyeshadow you normally use during the day. You can apply a thicker layer of eyeshadow until obtaining the intensity you want. On the other hand, you can use eyeliner for a mysterious look. Don’t forget the mascara for volume. As for the lips, a matte, darker color would work great. One essential thing to keep in mind is the blush, as you have to avoid a pale look.

Even though this first way of applying makeup can be useful – especially for women who are always in a hurry – the right thing to do is to start everything from scratch. In this case, it is essential to follow all the basic steps of the makeup process because we don’t just want to obtain a beautiful result, but our objective is to maintain our skin healthy. Therefore, cleansing is one important stage that cannot be disregarded.

Always choose a special cleansing lotion for the eye area, which is more sensitive and another one for the rest of the skin. Don’s scrub as you might damage the skin, but gently remove makeup even if this means using more cotton pads.

The secret of a perfect makeup stands in a great makeup base. Foundation and every makeup product you use cannot resist if you don’t use a moisturizing cream, yet not one with a too consistent texture. However, try also to avoid a too light texture as you don’t won’t the products to suddenly melt. Also, take your time when applying the cream, massage well as it has to enter the skin for a smooth, silky look. You will know when you have found the right makeup base as your skin shouldn’t be too dry but not too loaded either.

If your skin turns red very easily, or you deal with acne, or your skin has a dull aspect, try to use a colored makeup base. In order to hide red spots choose a makeup base with a greenish hue. If your skin is not glowing, there is a pink or pearled white makeup base that can offer luminosity.

Now its time to start the proper makeup process. Foundation is first. Go for a color that is tone-on-tone as it shouldn’t be darker than your skin complexion. Then, apply a concealer in pinkish tones in order to light up your look. Apply it using a brush going towards the base of the cheek. You can still use the concealer in order to hide other skin imperfections without an excessive use as you want to camouflage flaws, not emphasize them. Secondly, apply powder for fixing makeup and give a matte aspect to your skin.

As for the blush, remember to always apply it once you have finished the eye makeup. If what you want is a natural look, apply blush only on the cheekbones. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, start on the cheek going up towards the temples. Don’t exaggerate when using blush and pay a lot of attention when choosing the right color.

Sparkles are the best choice for a holiday makeup, whether you are choosing gold, silver, or other glittering shades such as violet or blue. If you are opting for this type of makeup, try to follow the classic rule and not to use excessively the other makeup products. Foundation, powder, blush and a nude lip color would work great. Before using eyeshadow, apply some powder on the eyelids. One crucial thing to remember is that you must match the eyeshadow with the color of your skin, eyes and hair, and not the one of your clothes. And another detail to keep in mind is to blend in order to avoid any distinct lines.

Apply the highlighter, or the lighter eyeshadow, on the brow bone. The medium shade is applied below the eyelid crease to the brow bone, while the darker shade on the eyelids from the lashline to the crease in the eyelid. Don’t forget about the eyeliner on the upper eyelid, applying it starting from the outer corner towards the center of the eyelid. If you want some mystery, there is nothing more appropriate than a smokey eye makeup.

For the lips, go for a lip gloss that you should apply after exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. If the eye makeup is more natural, choose bolder colors for the lips, such as red. The lipstick should match your skin complexion. Moreover, whether you apply lipstick or lip gloss, don’t forget about winter care as they both should have moisturizing properties in order to protect your lips against the harsh weather outside.