Some of the ace makeup producers will be thrilled to furnish their costumers with a brand new and enchanting collection that includes some of the must have textures and shades that would keep us versed with the upcoming beauty trends.

Paul & Joe makes no exception therefore it is highly recommended to take a quick glimpse at the Paul and Joe Fall 2010 Makeup Collection in the atmosphere of the vintage-inspired and girly motifs. Indeed the hues as well as color combination all adapt to the versatile preferences of the public which aims to make a smashing style statement with a natural looking and radiating makeup style.

These eye shadows as well as lipsticks and eyeliners will make up the core of your makeup kit as you’ll have the privilege to combine and fuse them into a sole A-list look irrespective of the event you’ll attend. If you wish to explore the fairy-tale world offered by this magical brand make sure you skim through this brief and revealing overview.

Paul&Joe Eyeshadows

The moonlight served as the chief inspiration for the designers of the eyeshadow collection. Indeed the color trio all capture a different face of this phenomenon offering us the chance to sport shades that suit our skin tone as well as personality. The moon indeed radiates a mysterious and at the same time subtle beauty which can be easily transposed into our look with the help of a piercing eye makeup. Enjoy the easy application of these textures as well as the fabulous and inspiring packaging creators provide us with.The three main shadows you’ll find here are:

Blue Moon

Silvery Moon

Paper Moon

Paul&Joe Lipsticks

The kitty motif also manged to find its prominent place in the mesmerizing myth Paul&Joe created having as its center the moonlight. Cats are often associated with this context and more would offer the perfect means to make these lipsticks even more personalized and unique. The packaging echoes the 2010 Fall/Winter collection of Paul&Joe. The translucent shades create a natural still sparkling look to our kissable lips. Choose from the hues below to expand your lip makeup color palette:

Claire de Lune

Over the Moon


Paul&Joe Face Makeup

The face makeup collection is envisioned in the atmosphere of the whole line which concentrates on the moon as its main inspiration. In this case creators of this cute micro-selection took into consideration the various cycles as well as different phases of the Moon. Therefore we’ll have the chance to experience a real miracle when building up our unique makeup style. The limited edition of face colors will make you queen of the days, therefore take a glimpse at the tones as:


Harvest Moon


Paul&Joe Pencil Eye Liner

The waterproof and super-soft eye liner envisioned by Paul&Joe would keep you stylish no matter the weather conditions and other factors that might ruin your look. Thanks to the high class formula the application would be a real thrill and won’t leave you with smudgy eyes. Check out the latest color selection offered by the Fall 2010 makeup collection:







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