Glitter is a girl’s best friend because it’s girly, sparkling and fun. Glitter and shimmer come in every color from silver to gold, pink, blue, purple, etc.

You can choose any color you like and apply it all over your body. There has always been something attractive about glitter. The way it reflects the light and helps create a glow makes it perfect for day wear as well as for a party makeup.

You can find shimmer under several forms. You can find it in makeup, body lotions, lipstick, lip glosses, powders. You can choose the glittery products which offer you exactly what you need.

You can choose the glitter to match your outfit. The color chosen doesn’t really matter as long as the glitter is applied subtly. Glitter doesn’t have to be very obvious in order to look good, it actually needs to show just a little bit. That is the way you will get the most out of the glitter. It seems that it works on the principle: less is more!

It is always a good idea to apply the glitter on after getting dressed. This will prevent the glitter from being wiped off by your clothes.

glitter make-up

The best ways to enhance your skin is by applying the glitter on the body parts that are visible and more exposed. The best way to apply powder glitter is after you have hydrated the skin. This way the glitter will stick onto the skin better and will persist longer. The best body parts to apply the glitter on are the cleavage area, the back, lower legs, the hands and the top of the feet.

Shimmer can also help create a slimming effect for the legs if applied on the the shin. Make sure you spread out the glitter evenly in order to cover the entire area and to allow the skin to have the same amount of shine uniformly.

You can apply glitter on your eye lids to create a more luminous effect and shimmer around the cheeks for better definition. Glitter will make you shine and look glamorous.