Party makeup bag essentials you’ll need when going out. It is essential to look gorgeous when going to a party, that’s why it is important to have the proper safety tools to fix any problem in case of a makeup emergency without ruining your night.

The following tips will help you in organizing your party makeup bag essentials for any event.

Foundation and concealer These two products are must-haves, especially for those with skin problems, should use these with confidence. Opt for a high coverage foundation that won’t sweat off and will stay in place all night long.

Concealers are like magic wands – they will erase any sign of fatigue, fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes or spots. Include one into your party makeup bag essentials.

Party Makeup Bag Essentials

Face powder Due to heat or other factors makeup tends to fade or even slide right off your face, especially if your skin is oily. The powder is your greatest buddy when it comes of making your makeup last longer. Choose a pressed powder compact to ease your job, if it comes with a mirror – even better. Apply from time to time some face powder to your T- zone (forehead, nose, chin) that will absorb the excess oil and keep your skin matte throughout the night.

Blush In order to maintain a natural and fresh look, always have a blush at hand. This tiny tool will make tired skin disappear, even after long hours. Opt for natural tones that match your skin color. There are several companies that create duo effect blushes, with a bronzer and blush combo – opt for these if you like the tanned sun-kissed effect.

Party Makeup Ideas

Lip gloss and lipstick Experiment with both natural and daring tones, to find the one that fits best the occasion. A high quality long lasting lipstick will do for the whole night, but if using lip gloss you will need to touch up more often.

(Exfoliate lips with a lip scrub – store-bought or homemade lip scrub – since lipstick on chapped lips looks just…wrong.)

Fragrance How could you maintain your signature scent throughout the party? Slip a perfume pen into your party makeup bag essentials.Fragrances tend to fade due to extreme temperature, that’s why have these at hand for any case. You can also opt for a solid perfume which is more lasting during an outing.