Special occasions call for special make-up ideas, so bring out the “big guns” so you can look fabulous. Make-up trends change every year and this year the make-up trends are absolutely amazing.

Parties, regardless of their occasion require a little bit of interest when it comes to personal appearance, so bring out your best make-up and start upgrading your sex appeal. Make-up is known for having an amazing power of attraction so try to use it in your advantage. The 2010 party and holiday make-up concentrates on enhancing different facial features without making the make-up style appear too heavy. By concentrating on emphasizing either the lips or the eyes, a perfect balance is created, balance that creates a beautiful appealing look.

It seems that the 2010 make-up trends are dominated by the newest and hottest craze that has yet again managed to capture the heart of every woman and that is the vampiresque bloody lips make-up. There has always been a high dose of attraction related to red lips as they look absolutely luscious and kissable. More of a glam look, the red lips make-up trend suits most complexions as there is a variety of red lipstick shades available. An illuminating foundation, a suitable blush, a simple mascara lash definition and red lips will help you obtain this gorgeous and highly appealing make-up style. To plump up and define your lips perfectly contour them using a lip pencil in the same shade as the lipstick used. Your lips will look luscious and as sexy as a vampire’s red hot lips.

Make-up Dior spring 2010 make-up

Smokey eyes are a perfect party and holiday make-up style for the 2010 season as the eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul, and emphasizing them can only make your eyes appear more mysterious. Smokey eyes look incredibly hot as the effect of this type of make-up deepens the look. Highly emphasized with the right eyeshadow shade for your eye color and complexion, smokey eyes will create the strongest point of your make-up.

Apply an illuminating foundation as this will make your complexion radiate, a subtle blush, contour the eyes with a black or brown eyeliner, create the smokey eye make-up and coat your lashes using black or brown mascara. Keep your lips bare or apply a bit of matter and subtly colored lipstick to maintain the attraction towards the eyes.