Finding the secret to look alluring and attractive all the time might require elbow grease, after the endless experiments you might feel exhausted. However, why not try tour hand at the latest beauty trends as well as the Makeup Trends Guys Love and succeed right from the first shot. These tricks and tips fuel you with the proper confidence as well as ambition to polish your appearance and arm up your makeup kit with the must have shades and products you can use on a daily basis and on more special occasions. These are some of the time-tested and all time winner looks that can take your cutie off his feet and can also bring out the best of your features and skin tone.

Rosy Cheeks

It might seem surprising that guys are fond of natural and girly textures and shades. However, it seems that stage makeup and the one they would like to see on their girlfriends has almost nothing in common. Therefore, take advantage of the latest rosy cheeks makeup trend and use a high quality blush to bring out those cheeks and look stunning both when you prepare for a date or for a laid back outing into the mall. Learn how to choose the right cold or warm rosy shade taking into consideration your skin tone and master the right techniques of application. The sole condition to rock the look is to keep your face neat and apply the blush to your cheekbones rather than the apple of your cheeks. Top your barely there makeup with blush in order to boost the natural and dainty allure and look healthy.

Long Eyelashes

If guys could vote for the most foxy and least annoying makeup product, they would definitely go for the mascara. This formula dresses up our plain eyes with a mesmerizing glimpse, therefore make sure you don’t leave out this essential step from your beauty routine. Mascara is perfect to bring out your eyelashes even if you skip the other products. Choose the composition that best suits the length as well as the density of your lashes. The eyes are the window to your soul, as a consequence it would be wise to keep them in their best shape. Find out which are the latest inventions on the market when it comes to lash enhancement. For the uber-natural makeup choose the transparent version of the classy mascara and skip the colored ones as these might be a bit too much for your boyfriend.

Nude Lips

Red Lips are the ultimate means to attract immediate attention, however it seems that if you ask the guys, it might work on the red carpet still in casual or in the case of relaxed dates it might be a sign of an overdone makeup. Instead, rely on the beauty and charm of nude lips as these radiate a healthy vibe and are more kissable and appealing for gents. Use simple nude lip balms, lipsticks or lip gloss if you necessarily wish. However, it seems that sticky textures are not the real deal when you ask your boyfriend. Instead, a silky and soft lip stick would do miracles with your lips by hydrating it and also securing its smooth condition. The perfectly conditioned and highlighted lips are some of the top notch secret weapons to steal the heart of men.

Smokey Eyes

Bring out your wild side with a stylish and uber-popular smokey eye makeup. This would definitely tie the attention of your friend to your glimpse. The profound textures be it creamy or powderish as well as the various deep shades as copper, grey or the classy black all will keep guys on their toes. Pick the right shade combo and first and foremost use a black eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes and bring out your eye color. Apply the eye shadow and play with shades and shapes in order to enhance the beauty of your glimpse. Finally, don’t forget about mascara as the ultimate accessory to perfect your look. Have fun experimenting with all these to be prepared for your conquering project.