The new season brings softness, freshness and optimism into makeup. Natural tones are combined with bright, vivid ones. The new make-up trends are all about fresh pink flushed cheeks, strong eyes (throw back inspiration from the ’80s), colorful hues from fuchsia to aquamarine tones.

Trend: Sexy Pout New lip color trends are not much different from the trends seen for last season, however reds brighten up a little – from cherry to coral, fuchsia or wine tones.

Trend: ‘Bare’ Face The ‘no makeup look’ is back. All you need is a sheer foundation, a pink-ish blush and a touch of brown mascara. For the lips, use you favorite lip balm or a clear lipgloss and you’re good to go.

Intense LipsPurple LipsBare MakeupNatural Makeup Look

Trend: Highlight and Contour Well structured cheekbones are a huge trend for spring/summer 2009. Makeup artists use this contouring technique, but it’s time for you to learn how to define and enhance your features for sculpted cheekbones, a slimmer nose or even a slimmer neck.

Trend: XXL LashesBeautiful long lashes gorgeously open up eyes and give you ‘that thing’ – according to the new trends, lashes get extra long and thick. Natural or false, black or brown, lashes have to be extra long, extra curvy and extra sexy.

Trend: Pretty Pastels Put away your neutral eyeshadows this spring! Use your imagination and combine pastel colors for a look with lots of personality. It’s not hard at all, just like playing with colored crayons.

Green Eye MakeupWinged EyelinerSmokey EyesSmokey Eye Makeup

Trend: Smokey Eyes This spring/summer eye makeup remains generous, with dramatic accents. For a goth inspired smokey eyes look that’s bang on trend, use grey, indogo-blue, brown or black – any combo is hot as long as it’s dramatic.

Trend: Rosy Cheeks If you don’t usually blush, then it’s time to fake it! Rosy cheeks are so hot this spring – not only make you look angelic and innocent, but will give you a young and fresh appearance.