Inspired by great historic characters like Marlene Dietrich or Evita, but also contemporary stars, the Lace collection takes all its dramatic intensity and translates into shady and smoky nuances one should definitely try.

With an amazing ad campaign, featuring a beautiful and mysterious woman, the collection is all about depth and seduction. It includes various make up items, like lipsticks, lipglass, eye shadows, kohl crayons, nail lacquers, eye kohl, mascara and lashes, all designed to be charm and seduce.

MAC Love Lace Eyeliners

The lipstick, available for $14, comes in two variants, the Pretty Please, a pale pink lipstick, and the Intricate, a frosted cool icy taupe color, in a limited edition. In addition to the lipstick, MAC designed also a line of lipgasses, both in limited editions, Icescape and Utterly Discrete – the first with pink pearlized pigments, the second in a sheer frosted icy mauve. One can pair one of these products with the nail lacquer, $12, which comes in a limited edition of creamy pale grey taupe.

MAC Love Lace Eyeshadows

When it comes to the eye makeup, MAC Cosmetics have developed a series of interesting items, like the eye shadows, $14.50, in four different limited edition nuances, Pincurl, Hypnotizing, Love Lace and Sauve Intentions, with colors ranging from duty white to silver blue.

Complete your eye makeup collection with MAC’s Zoomlash Mascara ($13), with the Fascinating eye kohl ($14.50), with the lashes ($13) or with the crayons Kohl Power, which come in a marine blue, a black pearl or rich black nuances, available for $14.50.

MAC Love Lace Collection Lipstick Lipglass