For the upcoming holidays creative designers at MAC decided to paint a tartan tale that bears the ancient symbols and motifs still offers us the chance to transpose all these elements into the modern world with the help of the newest makeup trends. In this case all we have to do is purchase the complete macro collection and use our creativity to fuse them into a complex and authentic look. The classy tartan elements are also perked up with a punkish vibe which makes the MAC A Tartan Tale Makeup collection holiday 2011so popular. Those who are impressed by the oh-so-heartwarming packaging as well as the shades it lines up should definitely take their chance and arm up their beauty kit with a similar fairy tale selection of products.

Mac Eyeshadows

The refined texture would ease the application and would also help you play out all your secret tricks to pull off an award-winning look. Choose from the dapper shades below and enjoy the pleasure of wearing these all skin tone-flattering hues. The tones to consider are:

Golden Crown

Enviably Fun

Glamora Castle

Follow Your Fantasy

A Wish Come True


Mac Pigments

These fabulous color powders would keep us versed with the latest bold makeup trend which would enhance our glimpse with a groovy vibe. Shades included in the collection are:

Moonlight Night

The Family Crest


MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner

Define the refined shape of your eyes with these soft and smooth eyeliners. Choose the best shade to complement your overall look. The colors to choose from are:

Black Swan

Petrol Blue


Lord it Up

MAC Powder Blush and Zoom Fast Black Lash

Highlight your cheeks with the latest and on trend shades available also in this collection. Enhance your makeup with a tint of glam by choosing one of the colors presented below. Hues to consider are:

Her Blooming Cheek

My Highland Honey

The creamy texture as well as the high definition brush all will contribute to the mesmerizing effect of your glimpse. Use it to create the effect of long and dense lashes.

MAC Lipstick

Pamper your lips with these fabulous lipsticks that make a great difference both when it comes of shades and also in texture. Colors to keep an eye on are:

Cut a Caper

The Faerie Glen

Deepest Wish

Courting Lilac

Full Fuchsia

MAC Dazzleglass Creme

Use the fabulous lip glosses to top your kissable lip makeup and crown your look with a must have accessory to make a sensuous impression. Select your favorite of the following shades:

Soft Dazzle

Passing Fancy

Radiant Jewels

Gone Romancin’

Lightly Prancing

MAC Nail Lacquer

Guarantee the spotless condition of your manicure with this high class nail polish formula and make sure you pair the right shade that would complement your skin tone. The 2 shades to choose from are:

Sly as a Fox

Style Clan

Purchase the fabulous collection from