Fashion designers wish to flash their talent also in other beauty domains some of them would try their hand at the various skin care products others are eager ti step onto the field of makeup.

This season we’ll have the extreme pleasure to explore the spectacular collaboration of the uber-famous fashion guru L’Wren Scott and Lancome as one of the most admired makeup brands from the world.

The L’Wren Scott for Lancome Holiday 2010 makeup collection is indeed a unique and sensuous parade of chic lipsticks, lip gloss as well as nail polish and other fab formulas.

The designer told WWD: “The first thing I thought of was that I wanted to do my signature red — my bordeaux,” , “I would like to try to interpret a red lipstick that could be worn from day to night.”, “And when you put the gloss on, it takes on a whole other life.” The capsule collection illustrates the creative work of Aaron DeMey and the former model, now designer L’Wren Scott. Drop a glimpse on the glam makeup products to have them in your refined kit for the holidays.

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<br /><br />Fans of smokey eyes makeup will be simply thrilled to take advantage of the color palette this collection offers. Two medium grey tones are included in order to set the perfect base for the look. Furthermore you'll have silver for a face-illuminating effect as well as black in order to define the eyes with the perfect contour. Besides the texture youll be also mesmerized by the case that is specially signed by the designer.<br /><br /> <br /><br />L'Wren Scott envisioned the complete collection starting from the idea of composing her own signature bordeaux or red shade. This lipstick is the perfect embodiment of all the glamor the famous designer promoted on the runway and in her feminine and sex-appeal filled collections. Red lips are indeed her signature move when it comes of making an impression.<br /><br /> <br /><br />Those who would like to make their manicure memorable and fascinating will have at least two shades to choose from offered by the stylish holiday makeup collection. Red becomes you if you go the fabulous designers way. This time L'Wren Scott decided to create two shades specially designed for the Fall 2010 fashion collection. Steal the runway looks and sport the Le Rouge or Le Gris nail polish to top your spotless apparel.<br /><br /> <br />Red lips radiate a dainty sex-appeal which is the best accessory to crown our formal appearance. This creamy lip gloss offers us the privilege to sport this fabulous shade paired with a conditioning and silky soft formula that moisturizes as pumps up our lips. The kissable effect is created by the brilliant and show-stopping effect of red. <br /><br /> <br />The creamy texture paired with the fabulous tint would offer the perfect recipe to define the shape of your lips. Use these formulas offered in various shades from berry to caramel, plum, cherub, lilac, cedre and garnet to set the perfect basis for the success of your lip makeup. Preserve the spotless effect of your makeup with this must have collection piece.<br /> <br /><br />Crown your overall look with this soft and silky powder blush that would bring out the best of your skin tone and unique features. Thanks to the complex formula it will easily blend into the makeup base and would absorb all the fluids due to the moisture-balancing ingredients. Choose from the brown-neutral, pink-berries as well as red coral shades.<br /><br /> <br /> Technical precision is fused with beauty in the formula developed by Lancome entitled symbolically Hypnose Drama. The S-shaped curvy head of the applicator allow the perfect sculpting of the lashes. Texture and length are some of the keywords when it comes of describing the high tech mascara included into this collection. Spare yourself of smudged makeup and appeal to the visual power of this product for a mesmerizing glimpse. <br /><br />