As one of the most popular tattoo artists of our times Kat Von D managed to enter the spotlight pretty soon. Undoubtedly her pretty and wild cat looks also contributed to her fame and A-list celeb reputation. Besides her hair color transformations she also succeeds in keeping her makeup versed with the latest beauty trends that pop up on the catwalk. Moreover the young tattooist also proved her beauty skills and refined taste for the rock’n’roll inspired makeup designs she promoted when stepping to the red carpet or attending any other event.

Besides the use of the latest formulas she also managed to stay true to her classy and edgy look which made her one of the dominating beauty icons of the moment. Those who were always mesmerized by the fab makeup styles of the young diva should take a closer look at the Kat Von D Holiday Makeup Sets 2010 as perfect gifts for any ladies and young girls who long for a high tech and complex palette of products and hues to increase the makeup alternatives and sport unique looks over and over again.

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick Set

The mini lipstick included into a fabulous kit would definitely steal the heart of those who devote special attention both to packaging as well as the quality of the various beauty products. As a fan of graphic motifs and a Goth chic inspired style, Kat Von D created this fabulous Tattoo Chronicles Lipstick as the best gift that would help us experiment with versatile shades that complement all skin tones. As she claims on the site of Sephora “This is dedicated to those who are self-created, self-reliant, self made, and independent.” The lipstick colors included into the Holiday set are:


Underage Red





Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Palette

One of the key elements to pull off a fabulous and dazzling Rock chic makeup is to appeal to a more complex color palette. Indeed this time Kat decided to include a multitude of eye shadow shades that would grant us with infinite alternatives to combine them and create an ace look.

Besides eyeshadows we’ll be also rewarded with 1 pair of false eyelashes as well as primers and last but definitely not least a double-ended fragrance. Win back your confidence with a similar set and make sure you try out each and every product included into the fab kit. The complete Tattoo Chronicle Palettes includes:

Eye shadows in colors as: Tijuana, Taxidermy, Hollywood, Peanut, Redemption, Solitude, Heartkiller, Baudelaire, Monastary, Poe Blue, Nite Owl, Lemmy

Primers in shades as: Skin, Stellar, Smoky

A Double-Ended Rollerball entitled Saint/Sinner

1 Pair of False Lashes

Kat Von D Adora Palette

The saint and sinner theme was again used to create this fabulous eye shadow palette. Kat Von D in order to make this set mass appealing and even more fabulous decided to include the light and more angelic shades as well as the subtle and profound hues into the same palette. This way we’ll be able to use the parade of shades to endless occasions both if we prepare for a night time and also a daytime event. The metallic and shimmer shades balance the groovy effect of the dark and more eerie tones that can be easily embedded into a smashing smokey eye makeup. The colors to experiment with are:


Holy Bible





Ace of Spades


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