Red is one of the most powerful colors of all. It instantly attracts attention and makes you look like a real diva. Red color is passionate and daring, being a universal icon for beauty and sensuality. 

As you have probably noticed, red lips are a recurring trend in makeup fashion as the most famous celebrities have been rocking this bold, seductive color throughout the ages.

Wearing red lipstick, you can make a statement with your stunning lips alone. It is a mysterious and extremely feminine wear that enhances your features, giving you a dramatic still playful look. However, red lipstick is considered to be a quite challenging color to wear by the majority of women. 

Read on to find out how to wear red lips and look stunning on every occasion.

How to Wear Red Lips How to wear red lipsticks

Create a perfect base for your red lipstick

Red lipstick is bold and accentuate. Applying a red lipstick on dry, crapped or flaky lips will completely ruin you look. Therefore it is vital to exfoliate your lips with delicious, gentle lip scrub, which will remove all the dead skin cells from the surface of your lips, leaving you with a smooth, healthy and even skin. Make sure you provide your lips with proper moisture, using an extra moisturizing lip balm regularly to keep them soft, silky and kissable. Before applying your favorite red lipstick, using a lip primer is a great choice in order to make your lip makeup long lasting and flawless.

Keep the rest of your face minimal

This is the most important thing you should pay attention to when you want to create fabulous red lips. Red lips pop out more when the rest of your face is less emphatic or else you will end up looking like a clown. In order to achieve a natural, still really sexy look, apply a lighter, shimmery eye shadow but avoid eyeliner and use only a fabulous volumising mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes as well. Apply a translucent powder and a natural, soft blush.

Choose the proper color

When you are shopping for the perfect red lipstick, it is essential to pick the right shade that flatters your features and matches well with your skin tone. If your complexion is a bit darker or yellow, go for warmer reds, with a touch of brown or burgundy tone, while if you have a rosy skin tone, plum shades and true red colors will look perfect on you. Reds with orange or pink undertones will look absolutely amazing on girls with fair complexion.

Do not line past your lip line

It is extremely important to line your lips inside their natural line, otherwise your red lipstick can smudge more easily, leaving you with an artificial look. Find a quality lip liner as close to the natural color of your lips as possible. If your lips are too small, red may not be the best choice for you, since it only makes them appear visually thinner and smaller than they are in reality.

Dare to blend.

Professional makeup artist suggest that blending is a great way to obtain the perfect red shade for your lips. If you think your red lipstick is not so flattering for your features, you can experiment freely with blending the color with other shades that match your complexion. This way you can achieve perfect red tones that are neither too dark, nor too light for your skin tone.

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