Eye shimmers are excellent ways to obtain a gorgeous, glamorous look for the upcoming evening party. All you need to have is a great eye shimmer, a makeup brush, a makeup applicator and a little time to experiment at home before applying it for a special event. Be patient, and don’t forget that practice makes the master. A special evening occasion requires a fancy makeup as well.

Choose from many different eye shimmers to match your dress and your eye color and glam up your makeup to shine like a star on the next evening occasion. A fabulous shimmery eye makeup will make you stand out from the crowd, giving you a stunning appearance so that you will definitely turn some heads wherever you go. Follow our tips below and learn how to properly apply a fabulous eye shimmer to create a deep, attractive look.

Eye Shimmer Types:

Shimmer Powder Eye Shadow

If you have normal or oily skin, powder eye shimmers work really well for your skin type.

Shimmer Cream Eye Shadow

Cream-based shimmer eye shadows generally have a long lasing effect, and are excellent choices if your skin tends to be dry.

Choose the adequate quality products that match your skin type and go for an eye shadow nuance that flatters your features and highlights your wonderful eyes. Let’s see the major steps of creating fabulous shimmery eyes.

Wash your face well and dry it with a towel. Before you would apply any makeup, make sure you use a face moisturizer, to make your skin soft and smooth. Distribute it evenly and work it well into your skin, so that no cream residues are left on your face and around your eyes.

As a next step apply a liquid foundation, blending it well all over your face and then cover your blemishes, red spots and fine lines with a concealer. For the sensitive skin on the eye area, use a special under eye concealer to cover dark circles or under eye bags. This way you can provide a flawless base for your eye shimmer and achieve maximum results. Proceed with applying the rest of your face makeup, namely powder and blush.

Apply a touch of eye shadow, in a similar tone to that of your eye shimmer and make sure you match the color to your outfit. For a more dramatic look softly line your lower eyelids with an eye pencil of the same tone.

Take a pointy eye brush and carefully apply a small amount of shimmery eye shadow on your upper eyelids, working your way outward. Another great alternative is to wet the brush a little bit, squeeze it and draw a line along the base of your eyelashes. Dip the wet brush into the eye shimmer powder. This way the eye shadow will stick to your eyelids and you can create a gorgeous eye makeup.

However, if you want to go for an easier method, apply a cream eye shadow, using an eye shadow applicator. Distribute the product evenly on your upper eyelid. For a little extra glamour, add a touch of powder eye shimmer and finish off with a gorgeous shimmery mascara to give your eyes maxim definition.

Follow our guide and create fabulous shimmery eyes for the next evening party and get ready to attract attention with your hypnotizing glance.