Gold is the color of a true goddess. A perfect gold makeup will give a beautiful shimmery glow to your cheeks, bringing out the radiance of your skin. Uniquely soft shades of gold are all at rage nowadays. The greatest advantage of a gold makeup is that it works well on all skin tones, eye colors and hair colors as well. A gold makeup can accentuate the most flattering assets of the face. Gold is a rich color that can transform an ordinary outfit into something chic and elegant, providing warmth and glow to its wearer. You can create a gorgeous gold party makeup whenever you want, there is no need to wait for the next holiday season. If you pay a little attention to apply it on a rather flawless face, as much as it is possible, you can easily make a perfect gold makeup. It is worth to spend a few minutes creating a great base for this makeup in order to achieve the best results. Let’s see the major steps in creating a glamorous gold makeup!


After you have finished with applying the concealer and the powder on the eye area, you can start to put golden eye shadow on.

Gold eyelids will highlight your eyes and will make them look bright and shiny. Apply a gold eye shadow to your upper lash line, working it from the inner corner of your eye and proceeding to the outer corner. Blend it up softly to your brow bone.

Then continue with applying a matte eye shadow of a neutral shade to your brow bones. If you want a more emphatic golden makeup, put on gold cream on the inner corners of your eyes then apply gold powder eye shadow on the lower lash line and blend it well. You can also use liquid black or gold eyeliner as well, applying it along the outer edges of your eyes, as close to the lash line as possible. Extend your line with wings, both on the upper and lower eyelids. Finish your look with a volumizing black mascara to give your eyes maximum definition.


In order to achieve a beautiful sun kissed effect on your face, you can also spice up your look with applying a touch of gold blush on your cheeks. If you don’t have a gold blush, you can also substitute it with gold powder that you can put on with a brush. Golden cheeks will frame your eyes and will bring life into your skin, making it warm and radiant.


For a complete golden look you can also add a bit of gold on your lips as well. When you are creating a golden makeup, stay away from vivid or bold lip colors and keep your makeup neutral instead. A drop of gold will make your lips fuller and plumper. Apply your favorite shimmer lipstick, then put on a gold lip gloss to achieve a more dramatic effect. It is better to dab the gold lip gloss on the center of your lips and not to cover the corner of your lips.

Skin If you plan to show a little skin by wearing a sleeveless top or a tank with a lower neckline, you can add glam to your look by first applying a moisturizer on your skin then putting on a thin layer of gold powder. For an up-to-date chic look, opt for a gold powder that contains fine particles, rather than big flakes of glitter. In order to bring luminosity to your skin, another great tip is to mix a small amount of your moisturizer with a little gold powder.

By learning how to apply golden makeup tastefully you can create a stunning party look. Regardless of your skin tone, adding a touch of gold will bring out the luminosity of your face, making you shine with glam and warmth. Highlight your natural beauty with a special shimmery gold makeup and get ready to turn some heads!

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