Watch out for the most inspiring eye makeup trends and looks of the next season especially if your crave for a change in your beauty routine. Eyeliners are used as real bpaint brushes to decorate the lids of models with the most creative and complex images and designs. Those who might have underestimated the power of this makeup tool should rather arm up with some of the high quality formula and experiment with these stylish ideas. Indeed ideal rather for party makeup alternatives the Fall 2010 wild eyeliner makeup trend managed to offer us an insight into the future of makeup techniques and beauty trends at least when it comes of the runway. Achieve an equally mesmerizing effect with your eye makeup in the following steps.


Printed Eyelids

During the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2010 fashion show models sported a unique and immediately eye-catching makeup style. Their lids were at first sight smudged with eyeliner creating this way a grungy and careless effect. However as the pro makeup artist Peter Philips claims this is in fact a print that aims to copycat the patterns included in the fashion collection and clothing pieces.

This way the whole design achieves a special sense and manages to complement the overall atmosphere of the whole show. In this case liquid eyeliner was applied partially to the lids further emphasized by the nude base as well as lips that would avoid stealing the attention from the glimpse. In this case the wild eye makeup follows a more defined and sophisticated pattern that might need a little practice. Grab your eyeliners and try to steal the style.

Giorgio Armani Miu Miu

Colorful Eyelids

The makeup presented by the Girogio Armani collection as well as the Miu Miu A/W 2010 collection envisioned by Pat McGrath managed to further polish the colored and bright eyes makeup trend. In this case the bright shades were compared with a completely natural base as well as no lip makeup which made models appear as if fallen from a fairy-tale world.

Those who would like to try their hand at this experimentalist and adventurous makeup style should brighten up their beauty kit with additional colored liquid as well as pencil eyeliners. These would serve as the best means to create similar looks. Pay special attention to fine lines and angles as this is a one-of-a-kind look created with mastery.

Jean Paul GaultierDsquared2Zac PosenZac Posen

Chic Smudged Eye Makeup

Some designers decided to adopt a more unusual attitude towards the golden rules of makeup. Smudged looks are no longer faux pas if you follow a few basic steps to perk up your appearance and glimpse with a tint of structure. Jean Paul Gaultier, Dsquared2 and Zac Posen took a different and more artistic turn when it comes of eye makeup.

Instead of preserving the refined allure of smokey or cat eyes they succeeded in turning the grungy and relaxed looks into haute couture. In this case eyeliners are used to line both lower and upper lids and add a more grabbing and charming flair to the eyes. The use of uniform black eyeliners bring the alternative looks closer to the fans of Grunge, Gothic and even Scene. Steal the basic tricks and turn your entree into a memorable moment with the help of the next season’s smudged eye makeup.

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