There are various techniques to steal the show with your mesmerizing glimpse. Besides the fabulous and out-of-this-world lashes you can also use various shades to illuminate your face and attract immediate attention. The face brightening eye makeup ideas presented here would furnish you with the proper drive to expand your makeup color palette and offer you help to juggle with the proper shapes and shades for unique designs. Pair the right tones to your color be it hazel or blue, pick the right textures that suit your skin type and build up your fab makeup gradually. Consider the shape of your eyes as well as the impression you’ll crave for as the main factors that would determine the outcome of your look.

Matte Grey Eyes

Nicole Richie is indeed one of the most stylish presences on the red carpet each time she steps onto the stage flashing her uber-flattering and impressive makeup. In this case the two-tone design that features a darker and lighter shades of grey in muted tones would steal the attention of the cameras right away. Look, how her hazel eyes come to the surface and get most of the attention due to the face brightening effect of her glimpse. Choose similar shades if you would like to follow her footsteps and enjoy the same popularity in the eye of the public. Use a black eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes then proceed to the eye shadow which you should apply only to the eyelids or in a more prominent way as Nicole did right up to the arch of the eyebrow for an eye-popping effect. Top the look with fab mascara that would further boost the sight-pleasing impression of your eyes by adding some length and dimension to your lashes.

White Golden Eyes

Olivia Wilde is not only one of the most sexiest but also stylish women on Earth. Therefore it is highly recommended to keep an eye on her looks. Indeed more often seen adopting the smokey eye trend, this time she decided to break the habit and embrace the oh-so-popular white golden eyes makeup design which further accentuates her green bluish eye color. The classy look is indeed peerless as she managed to keep her look gracious and neat further boosting the popularity of the golden and metallic eye makeup shades in general. In this case again use an eyeliner to set the basis for the hyper-refined look then apply the golden shades to your lids and crown the look with mascara for a drop-dead-gorgeous and red carpet-worth look.

Purple Eyes

We just can’t emphasize enough how important it is to try out the must have purple eye makeup trend. Hilary Duff is yet another celebrity who decided to flash her two-tone eye makeup that implies the use of a darker and a lighter shade of this color. Applying the darker tones to the lower lashline and the lighter to the lids is the ultimate recipe for an A-list face brightening makeup. Again us the eyeliner to set the pace for the application of additional texture and makeup then limit yourself to the lids or go a bit over the edge if you have droopy eyelids and would like to perk them up a bit. Handle the shades with care and apply the eye shadow like a real pro. Finish up your makeup with the latest inventions in mascaras offered by the great producers of makeup products.

Green Eyes

A piercing look is indeed provocative and at the same time memorable due to the one of a kind impression it offers. The green eyes makeup showed here by Jessica Szohr is indeed immortalized due to the fab matching of green eyes with the various shades of the same tone. If you are keen to place the emphasis on your glimpse make sure you keep the rest of the face neat and natural and focus on your lids and lashes. Black eyeliner is a must have in this case in order to bring out the best of the second coat. Therefore define the eyes with it and jazz up your look with a winged eyeliner design if you wish to set the proper base for an ace red carpet makeup. Apply the green shades to the lids and finish your stylish makeover with mascara.