How many times haven’t you wondered how to be more diverse with your makeup but kept winding up with the same eye makeup style you have been used to wearing on a daily basis? Well, this happens to everyone as once we get used to creating a certain type of makeup, we tend to enter a routine which takes a bit of effort to get out of.

Makeup is a girls best friend but it can be your enemy too if it is not performed correctly or if the colors used do not flatter your skin tone. There are a variety of eye makeup colors to choose from just so you can find the eyeshadow shades that suit your complexion and eye color best.

Along time a variety of eye makeup styles have been created, and the new modern techniques and styles offer women many benefits when it comes to beauty and style. People have different facial features and eye shapes, this is why it is important to adapt the makeup to the eye shape, in order to hide the flaws and enhance the qualities. Because there are a variety of styles to choose from we have put together a fabulous variety of eye makeup styles meant to inspire you on a daily basis:

Simple cat eyes makeup

Vintage is back and it is leaving its print over everything including makeup. Vintage makeup has established a high standard through its simplicity and elegance.

The eyes are defined using a liquid black colored eyeliner which gently lifts upwards towards the end to for a cat eye look which attracts attention towards the eyes and creates a very attractive and seductive look.

The eyelid can be subtly enhanced with a shimmery beige eyeshadow or allowed to remain bare for a more natural look. Apply a black eyeliner pencil on your waterline for a more powerful look. Curl your lashes and coat them with mascara for a great eyelash definition.

If you are looking for a more dramatic look or just don’t have long eyelashes you can choose to apply false eyelashes as they work fabulously with this makeup style.

Bright eye makeup

Going bold with eye color is very popular especially this summer season as the warm, vivid coloration of the makeup suits perfectly the summer season’s characteristics. The eyeshadow color palette is absolutely amazing, the diversity and the brightness of the colors available for purchase can allow you to select some of the most incredible color combinations.

This summer you can go for a simple monochrome color of try to combine different shades for a more complicated look. Apply a primer before applying the desired eyeshadow for a smooth application.

Primers help reveal the color better so don’t hesitate to use them. You can apply a subtle eyeliner close to the lash line for better definition and coat your eyelashes with black colored mascara. If you are looking to enhance your eyes even more apply a black eyeliner pencil on your upper and lower waterline.

Smokey eye makeup

Smokey eyes seem to maintain their popularity due to their incredible look. There are a variety of colors which can be used to create the smokey eye makeup such as lavender, plum, greens, golds, grays, and many more others.

To create this type of makeup try to use professional makeup brushes as they can offer you precision and help you achieve a fabulous result. One of the most popular eyeshadow colors used for this makeup style is black so don’t hesitate t give this makeup style a try as it can do wonders if you have the right eye shape. Coat the eyelashes with mascara and you will look absolutely fabulous.

Choose the right makeup style for you and try to experiment with eyeshadow colors. Mineral makeup is a great option when it comes to makeup as they come in extraordinary colors and benefit the complexion as well. Practice can make a great difference so practice to improve your makeup skills and you will soon become a master in creating your own fabulous eye makeup.