Eyeliner is a magic makeup tool. Available in a vast array of colors, shapes and textures, it can totally transform your look and put a strong emphasis on your gorgeous eyes.

But eyeliner is not a makeup tool to mess around with! As the powerful tool that it is, the eyeliner can easily either make or break your look. So, whether you got bored of your eye makeup and are willing to try different eyeliner styles or you are a newbie to this technique, take a look at the following different eyeliner styles and learn to do them!

Eyeliner Makeup: The Basic Top Lash Line

If you’re a newbie to the eyeliner world, you may want to start with the basic tools and colors: a black pencil or kohl eyeliner and a sharpener. As for the technique, you should go for the easiest of them all: the basic top lash line.

Start drawing a line from the inner corner of your eye going all the way to the outer corner. To make sure your hand won’t shake and you’ll get a perfectly straight black line on your upper lash line, place your elbow on a firm and stable surface and pull the outer corner of your eye with the free hand.

Basic Eyeliner Shapes And Styles

After drawing the first feeble black line, you may want to make it more prominent or maybe even make it thicker. Draw another line on top of it, going slightly upwards if you want it to be thicker.

In the end, you may or may not want, depending on your personal preference, to use an angular brush to smudge the black line you’ve just created. Actually, this is a trick you may put into practice if your black line is not perfectly straight. To sharpen your line, go over with a liquid eyeliner which will give you more precision.

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Different Eyeliner Styles: The Winged Tip or Cat Eye

You may have seen the cat eyeliner makeup style on the street, on TV, in movies… everywhere! The reason is that the winged tip or the cat eye eyeliner makeup is so cool that everyone wants to wear it. So why wouldn’t you?

The cat eyeliner style might be a bit difficult to pull off at first, especially if you lack experience, but don’t throw in the towel before attempting to do it at least a couple of times! Here’s what you need to do to perform a winged tip eyeliner makeup.

This time, set aside the black pencil eyeliner and opt instead for either a gel eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner. And remember that if you choose a gel eyeliner, you will also need an angular makeup brush to apply it on your lash line.

Glam Eyeliner Shapes And Styles

Start your winged tip eye makeup from the inner corner of the upper lash line moving towards the outer one. The result should be a thick line that gets curvy on the outer corner of the eye. If you’re afraid that you’ll mess up your eyeliner style, use a card to make sure the wing is straight and not wiggly.

Different Eyeliner Styles for Different Eye Shapes

But what about different eyeliner styles for different eye shapes? After being able to perform both the basic, classic top lash line and the winged tip, you may start considering the best eyeliner makeup taking into account the shape of your eyes.

If your eyes are set wide apart, you may go for a top and bottom lash line eyeliner makeup. Draw a classic line on your upper lash line, going all the way from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Then apply eyeliner on the bottom lash line, but cover just one third of the eye.

Couture Eyeliner Shapes And Styles

If, on the contrary, for close set eyes you may want to insist on the upper lash line while drawing only a short line on the bottom one.

Do you have small eyes? Then you shouldn’t shy away from eyeliner, as heavy coloring on the upper eyelid will make your eyes appear bigger. The trick is to insist on the outer corner of the eyes: a winged tip eyeliner makeup is perfect for you.

If you have beautiful, almond-shaped eyes, make sure they stand out! Apply eyeliner on your upper eyelid all the way through. If you want, skip coloring the bottom lash line and, instead, apply a generous amount of black mascara to enhance one of your most beautiful features.

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