For the new season, the new fashion trends have already been set with the makeup tendencies following up closely. After a season which laid emphasis on lots of shimmer, iridescent finishes and glossy, ruby red lips, it’s time to transition to a new chapter. The new makeup colors and finishes are inspired by the textures, surfaces of textiles presented in the runway collections. Makeup trends alternate beautifully between natural, barely-there looks to bold and bright finishes, textures juggling with matte or extremely glossy surfaces.

The eyes are considered to be the “gateway to the soul”, as you can tell a lot of things just by looking into someone’s eyes. If you’re looking to enhance this feature, take a cue from the following eye makeup ideas for spring/summer 2011 straight from the runway.

House of HollandBlumarinePaul SmithLuca Luca

Subtle eye makeup

Minimalism is the hottest thing when it comes to the new makeup trends. Natural beauty has no match, so you really don’t have to go overboard when your goal is to look fabulous. Minimal makeup is ageless and perfect for day wear as well as evening, meaning you’ll look fabulous from day to night, without having to change or redo your makeup. The most popular eye makeup colors used for this type of makeup are soft pink, baby blue, coral as well as beige, neutral and brown. Use a white eyeliner pencil on your waterline to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Curl lashes and use one coat of mascara to define your eyelashes.

EtroLoeweElie SaabElie Saab

Bright eye makeup

If you’re ready to make a statement, then bright eye makeup is definitely for you. Richly pigmented, saturated eye shadows are in perfect harmony with the season’s fashion color trends. You can apply a single vivid shade to the entire eyelid or pair up complementary colors for a strong, contrasting finish. The hottest colors of spring/summer 2011 include lush colors such as red, orange, blue, pistachio-green, tundra green, purple, yellow.

RochasJust CavalliBlumarineJust Cavalli

Smokey eye makeup

When it comes to underlining the beauty of the eyes, nothing can be compared to the effects of the smokey eye makeup. Smokey eyes create a very sexy and mysterious look, so bring out your eyes using dark colored makeup. Use amazing color combinations such as black and silver, indigo and ivory or other bold shade mixes such as purples, greens or electric blues for the ultimate smokey eyes.

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