Finding the right make up trend that would suit our skin type as well as tone is extremely essential to spare ourselves of make up mistakes. Those who find it fascinating to wobble between the extremes of no-make-up looks as well as more edgy and prominent designs should also include in their trend-trotting project the dewy make up trend 2010. This year having a slightly and controlled oily complexion is not at all a faux pas. Instead take advantage of the various products that would allow you to create and tropical and mermaid look. Following the basic principles of application would guide you through the process of granting your appearance with a special and breathtaking accessory and would also highlight the beauty of your skin.These are some of the bright examples and A-list tips to pull off the trend.

Cleanse and condition the skin to prepare the perfect canvas for the application of the other essential make up elements. Make sure you eliminated the dead skin cells as well as dry patches from your complexion with the best exfoliator and finally applied a high quality moisturizer to protect the skin from any damage.

Liquid foundations are the best solution to ensure the proper and uniform application of the make up base. These would mask the various flaws and skin problems. Choose the shade careful so that it complements your natural skin tone.

Apply the concealer on the delicate areas that would require a more profound coverage. The section under the eyes as well as the eyelids should not be left out when it comes of applying make up. Use a professional flat-topped brush or your fingertips to make sure it blends into the skin.

Acne scars, blemishes and other types of skin flaws can be also camouflaged with this products. Reverse the order of concealer-foundation this time especially if your skin bears the sign of acne and more severe trauma.

Highlighters are also some of the most smashing products that would contribute to the sun-kissed make up look. This is also one of the favorite tools of make up artists to emphasize the fine lines as well as signature features of the face. Cheekbones as well as eye shape and chin can be best accentuated with the help of highlighters.

Proceed the same way as you would with a blush, position it on the top of the cheekbones and head slightly upwards, additionally apply it to the center of the forehead as well along the line of the nose.

The cheeks also contribute to the dewy make up look, therefore make sure you don’t skip this spot. In this case all you have to do is swap the traditional blush with a bronzing powder. Indeed these should adapt to your natural complexion tone, therefore the darker it is the darker your skin tone should be.

Use a powder brush and apply it to the forehead, the chin as well as cheekbones. This scattering of the product would create a uniform and at the same time natural effect. Apply some also to your nose if you would like to ensure the proper coverage of the face. Proceed step by step and opt for thin layers of powder in order to apply more if necessary rather than removing all and spoiling the look if you went too far.

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