This evening make-up is the best to make brown eyes stay out and sparkle with a splash of color!

After applying the make-up base, follow these easy steps to get a gorgeous evening make-up.

Step 1Draw a straight line with a black kohl on the upper lid, to make eyes stay out.

Step 2It’s an evening make-up, so you have to mark the lower lid too.

Step 3After you stumped the contour with a cotton bud, apply some violet eyeshadow on the stumped black kohl ( you can use any color you want, like strong green, blue, orange to get a nice summer look). Then fill the upper lid with color.

Step 4With the help of a thin brush, create a shadow effect by applying a thin amount all round your eyes, from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 5After the shadow is even, put just under the eyebrows some golden powder, because it’s an evening make-up and you must glow!

Step 6With a thin brush apply some whiteish, silverish eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes, to brighten up the eyes.

Step 7Put on two coats of mascara and on the cheeks some natural nude blush.

Step 8To this make-up you can match a nude lipstick or a neutral one, but also some pink or orange lipgloss for volume.