The high street makeup collections of the cold season would allow you to break out of the box and sport a unique design that would guarantee the queen of the day title. The Artdeco Glam Art Collection for Holiday 2010 with the glamorous and rich color palette as well as sophisticated textures offer you yet another chance to make a smashing statement with your red carpet-worth look. Watch out for the mesmerizing eye shadows, eye liners as well as lip glosses and even nail polish to find the hues that best complement your features.

Artdeco is here to charm us and invite us into a real of sparkling hues and silky soft textures. The holiday collections lines up a rich parade of products covering all the main beauty fields from eye to lip and also face makeup.

In order to enjoy the pleasure of another stylish selection of color palettes it is wise to skim through this brief review of the main products. The Artdeco Glam Art Collection For Holiday 2010 is indeed one of the most impressive makeup lines that devoted the same essence both to high class packaging as well as the chromatic structure that dominates the ultra-glamorous collection.

With the holidays just around the corner it's time to arm up your makeup kit with the latest formulas and must have tones that suit your complexion shade as well as character. Bring out the inner beauty puss of your personality and honor the special holidays with a flawless and enchanting makeup using the following palettes and beauty products.

<br />Function is fused with beauty in this stylish makeup box that includes 6 eyeshadow shades as well as an embedded lipstick compartment. The hues you can tint your lids with are: Glam Star- Platinum, Bourbon, Earth, Green as well as Blue. The shimmery colors would definitely attract the immediate attention to your glimpse. <br /><br /> <br />This is indeed a smaller palette selected of the shades from the Beauty Box Magnum. Have this stylish makeup kit at hand every time you look for a stylish alternative to tint your lids. Choose from the profound and more vibrating shades as green and blue or you can also stick to the classy bourbon as well a earth tones.<br /><br /> Experiment with the visual power of this lush highlighter that would turn your eye makeup into a real work of art. Choose either the Lilac or the Soft Brown palette that has an integrated mirror as well as offers you the thrill to try your hand at three fab shades.Use it as the best means to make your glimpse memorable.<br /><br /> <br />Define the fabulous shape of your eyes with these stylish liquid eye liners. There's no need to stick to classy black to achieve the desired impression. Instead make sure you experiment with the visual effect of these colorful designs. Select the desired hue from: Anthracite, Brown and also Green. Make sure you dont skip using these when preparing for a speical event as a date or dinner with your family for the holidays.<br /> The two highlighters thanks to the pearl as well as glitter particles would turn your skin into a real statement accessory. Complement your skin tone with theses stylish makeup products in the various shades and make sure you use it to various spots as your decolletage as well as face. Platinum and Bronze are the must have shades when it comes of highlighters for this season.<br /><br /> Top your high class makeup with a stylish lip tone enhanced with the glittery particles as envisioned by Artdeco for the holiday season. Pick the desired shade from Glam Star-Champagne, Raspberry, Cassis and also Blackberry. The holidays are the perfect occasion to flash your makeup still therefore go for the latest lip trends.<br /><br /> <br />Kissable lips are on trend for the holidays. Therefore it is highly recommended to complete your makeup kit with these fabulous lip glosses in Glam Star Cashmere, Fuchsia, Soft Pink as well as Orchid. Use these shades to provide your lip makeup with the proper topping and bring out the best of your look.<br /><br /> <br />Dress up your nails with these fabulous nail polish shades. Use your manicure to enjoy the pleasure of being in the spotlight. Choose from shades as Sparkling-Rose, Purple, Red and Beige to achieve the desired and show-stopping visual effect.<br /><br />