The key to creating a perfect angelic makeup is to keep it simple and substantial. It is perfect for those days when you just want to feel beautiful without applying a very distinctive makeup. It highlights your features and gives you a soft and elegant look. Fairy tale-like makeup looks are really hot this season, and one of the major benefits of this style is that it works really well with any skin tones. Obtaining a delicate, ethereal look is the main aim when putting on this wonderful makeup. Your dreamy eyes, plump lips and glamorous lashes will definitely make a statement. Check out our tips and create a soft and trendy angelic look!

Create a Base

Start your makeup by applying a matte mineral foundation, distributing it well all over your face. In order to achieve perfect results, opt for a foundation that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. For an original angelic appearance, your skin has to look a little paler then it really is. Angelic makeup look really amazing on a flawless base, therefore work the foundation well into your skin so that no lines are visible between your face and neck and to make a natural impression.

Hide Imperfections

Purchase a good quality concealer that is as close to your skin tone as possible. Apply it on the under-eye area and cover blemishes and red spots on your face, but not too heavily. Applying a thick coat of concealer on these delicate areas may clog your pores and product may accumulate in your wrinkles leaving you with an artificial look.

Make It Last Longer

Dust on translucent powder all over your face in order to keep your makeup from wearing off and to make it last all day long. Powder will also absorb the excess oil on your skin’s surface, guaranteeing a fantastic matte effect.

Add Glam To Your Cheeks

When we talk about an angelic makeup, rosy cheeks are an absolute must, that complete your dreamy look. Use a big cheek brush to work a shimmery pink or peach blush over the apples of your cheeks, to add a healthy glow and radiance to your face. Blur the lines to achieve a sophisticated, youthful look.

Go for Bright Eyes

Apply a light, flesh tone eye shadow on your upper eyelids, proceeding from the lash line to the crease. A light color eye shadow will wonderfully highlight your eye area giving your eyes a deep, enchanting look. In order to achieve the same result, you can mix pastels with a touch of white eye shadow as well. For a more feminine look apply a thin line of your favorite eye pencil on the upper eyelids, starting from the middle of the pupil to the outer corner of your eyes then line your lower eyelids with a white pencil eyeliner. If you want to obtain an even softer angelic look, use a sparkling mascara on both the upper and the lower eyelashes.

Create Kissable Lips

As a finishing touch, blot baby pink or shimmery berry lip gloss on the center of your lips, blending it well with your fingers. Now you have created your wonderful angelic makeup and you can feel as if you have just stepped out of a fairy tale.

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