Dolls, we’ve found some amazing Instagram makeup looks we’d like to share – must try makeup looks for 2014- makeup finds that will surely get you looking like bombshells.

Forget about all natural makeup if you want to stand out of the crowd, and go for sultry, ‘look at me’ eye makeup looks paired with equally stunning lipstick shades as nowadays your options pigment & texture wise are limitless. From neons to brights and intense darks to pretty pastels, you can experiment with a vast color palette, you just need the inspiration to make the proper color combos.So, since these Instagram makeup divas have been such darlings to show off their creativity, we’ve rounded up some of the most amazing makeup looks to try this summer. Keep in mind that you can go lighter or darker depending on personal preference, and that with the right tools, quality products, a bit of skill and lots of practice, you can achieve a flawless makeup look without feeling you’ve put in too much effort.

Intense Blue Eye Makeup and Nude Lips

Blue Eye Makeup Nude LipsIntense Blue Eye Makeup(source)

An intense blue eye makeup can truly make green, hazel and brown eyes pop. Use the intense shades of blue on your upper and lower lid – going lighter in the inner corner and darker as you progress towards the outer corner of the eye. You can use a natural brown to accentuate the crease, but keep things barely visible. Apply a highlighter on the brown bone and the inner corner of the eye and finish the look with a blue/black eyeliner pencil applied on the waterline, and mascara. For a more dramatic look – an evening makeup look – you can also use an eyeliner. Keep the rest of your skin matte, accentuate your cheeks with a peachy/ peachy-pink blush and layer a nude lipstick on your lips for that extra dose of on-trend hotness!

Smokey Eyes and Contrasting Tone Lips

Smokey Eyes Pink Lips(source)Smokey Eyes Nude Lips(source)

Obviously a smokey eye makeup will never go out of style, so why not give the look a well deserved test. 2014 smokey eye makeup looks are focused on classic black-gray and earth tones. No surprise here, as creating smokey eyes tutorials are widely spread on the internet. The surprise and that extra kick of sultriness is given by the overall look- the flawless skin, the perfectly defined cheekbones and the contrasting tone lipstick. The best lipstick shades for smokey eyes this summer are lavender, nude, pink and red. Depending on the lip shade used you can end-up with a sultry, daytime perfect makeup (with the nude or soft pink lipsticks), or a mysterious, ultra-seductive nighttime makeup (when choosing the intense red or fuchsia).

Winged Eyeliner and Cool Colored Lips

Blue Winged Eyeliner MakeupWinged Eyeliner Pink Makeup(source)

Makeup enthusiasts adore winged eyeliner makeup looks and although the idea doesn’t really sound that exciting, a simple glance at the makeup looks that can be achieved when opting for an interesting winged eyeliner shade, a cool eyelid color and eyeliner mix, or the contrast brought by the eyeliner makeup and an intense colored lipstick, opens up a whole new perspective when it comes to this type of vintage makeup. So, black or metallic eyeliner shades worn on a bare eyelid or matched with a cool contrasting eye makeup and with a fab lipstick such as orange, red, fuchsia, even a nice neutral, can lead to an amazing makeup look that will surely make people’s jaws drop.

Pretty Multi-Colored Eye Makeup Looks

Mermaid Like Eye Makeup(source)Colored Makeup(source)

Mermaid like eyes or candy colored lids will always make people stare, and when the colors are impeccably chosen, this can only be a good thing.Make a statement with glittery shades or neons, brights mishmashed to perfection with darks, shades that accentuate your peepers and make them look sensational. Always turn to an eyeliner pencil which you’ll apply on the waterline – be it a complementing shade or a contrasting color- and mascara to define the eyelashes. You cam mix as many shades as you desire, but keep in mind that in order for the shades to work with each other to deliver the desired multi-colored eye makeup they need a bit of space so it’s best to stick to using up to 5 shaded at a time.

Multi Color MakeupColor Mix Eye Makeu

Do you find any of these looks tempting?

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