Even if you’re about to break an essential beauty rule – only make one feature bold, eyes or lips – but for one night in the club is allowed. You think it might be too much? It’s not, but try to match it with simple, effortless outfits and hairstyles.

After prepping face with long lasting foundation, get an ’80s inspired Debbie Harry makeup: red lips and purple smokey eyes combo, or a softer option, orange lips with blue smokey eyes.

Blondie Deborah Harry Makeup

Retro 80s Inspired Metallic Makeup

So that the final look seem exaggerated and assumed and not a makeup faux pas, you’ll have to pay attention on choosing textures. That is: if you’re using dark purple smokey eyes, then the lipstick you are using has to be creamy, silky, but not glossy; if the lipstick is shiny and orange, the blue eyeshadow has to be metallic and shimmery, applied just to the mobile lid up to the crease.