The 70s brought the great exhale in the world of makeup. Ladies started stripping off the tons of lipsticks and eyeliners and adopted a way new trend that encouraged the nude and no-makeup look. The natural effect was created not only by the use of a restricted color palette and pale shades, but also of the great devotion to a spotless complexion.

Giving cold shoulders to the porcelain and doll-inspired image, the great makeup artists of the era appealed to the upgraded makeup kit and put an end to the dramatic and eye-popping effects. Indeed, those who long for an easy-to-handle but at the same time radiating look will find themselves in the go natural 70s makeup style.

Neutral colors and pastels took over the crown in order to popularize the low-maintenance look shifting the attention to the natural features and treasures. Following the guidelines below you’ll be led through a quick makeup kit transformation that will send you back to the Disco era of the 70s.

Go For Skin Glow

The earlier decades made no issue of skin care and its importance. Time passed, perspectives changed. More and more people began to follow a well-defined beauty routine placing their complexion among the top interests. Dressing down their makeup base became one of the signature tendencies.

Soon the ‘dewy-face’ look gained territory among the hyper-masked complexions. In order to adopt these tendencies you’ll have to devote extra attention to your skin and be convinced that moisturizing is one of the main steps towards a spotless look.

Glowing is best achieved with the help of tinted moisturizers and a transparent or illuminating powder. Use concealers if necessary to cover the blemishes and other skin problems. Make the base the star of your makeup. The more you stick to your natural skin color, the better you’ll blend into the 70s style.

Rosy Blush

If we are still at the basic elements of 70s makeup trend, it is also worth mentioning that blushes rent a central place when it comes to creating the nude and natural look. In order to bring out the best of your complexion apply a gel blush that will add a fresh flair to your face.

The water-based formula of these products will easily penetrate the skin blending into the overall look. Choose the perfect blush to complement your natural skin tone. Whether you are fan of the porcelain look or you would rather go for the bronze vibe, choose rather a blush that will emphasize the darker tones.

The bronze queen look wave spread like wildfire. Those who weren’t blessed with a darker complexion used bronzer to fake it. However, they still managed to keep the natural look.

Play Up The Eyes

The eyes enjoyed the same attention as in earlier decades, however the makeup tendencies went through a radical change. Eyeliners kept their top rank place being the perfect tools to create the unforgettable and iconic cat eyes look. These beauty tools served as the means to emphasize the eyes without going into extremes. Keeping the polished look was one of the key principles.

Undoubtedly, the 70s was not the age of mascara. If ladies did not ditch them out, at least they hid them to the bottom of the makeup kit. Their eyelashes were either played up only for the evening, but no way when sporting a casual look. There were no aspirations for thickening the eyelashes only to add length to them with a few streaks.

The pearlescent shades were the most popular among eye shadows. Creating the mysterious and at the same time pure look was done through shimmering colors. Glowing was just as popular in this domain too, choose matte tones from a neutral color palette for the dazzling result.

Nude Kissable Lips

Keep the lips in shape and kissable by applying soft and natural tones. Nude shades as well as pink and peach were the top choices of the 70s.