’70s makeup was a breath of fresh air after decades of heavy foundations, bright or dark lip liners and eyelash heavy looks of previous decades. Find out how you can replicate or adapt the iconic 70’s look to suit your personal style.

Makeup in ’70s style is a natural look with luscious lips and gentle eye makeup. If you’re going for the full retro look of ’70s makeup, you’ll also need a strong natural tan or plenty of bronzer.

70s Style Makeup with Pink Lips

’70s Style Light Glossy Lips

Put away the red or dark lipsticks. The ’70s makeup was going for a natural look, complimented by light glossy lips. You can opt for a nude glossy look or for muted shades of peach or pink, that let you draw attention to the eyes.

’70s Makeup Ideas with Shimmery Eye Shadows

Avoid thick black mascara or black kohl for the eyes and choose either white or frost pale blue eyeshadow if you’re a light skinned blonde. For darker skin and brown eyes, sea green or frosty earth tones might do the trick. While eyeliner was also a huge trend in the ’70s, in liquid form, you can also enhance your eyes and lashes with a natural looking mascara that has a subtle lengthening or thickening effect.

70s Eye Makeup Ideas Colorful Eyeshadows

70s Style Makeup: Glowing Skin

Rosy cheeks might be an option, but when it comes to foundation, choose the shade that’s closest to your skin and use as little as possible for a nude glowing look that accentuates your natural beauty. Remember that the goal for seventies makeup was to appear naturally beautiful, as if not wearing any make up at all, so don’t use the concealer in excess.

70s Makeup: Highlighting Cheekbones

Disco night involved a more dramatic style, and highlighter is a good option for an evening ’70s makeup that will send you straight to the dance floor. A gentle smoke eye and slightly shimmering lips might be among the best ’70s makeup ideas for an evening look.

70s Disco Makeup Smokey Eyes

70s Style Makeup Ideas: Bronzer for Tanned Skin

Tanned skin, worn with vivid shades that make it pop is one of the signature looks of the 1970s. If you use bronzer for a sun-kissed look inspired by ’70s makeup, don’t restrict yourself to the face. Make sure you have a uniform tan that enhances your bust, especially if you’re going to a ’70s themed party.

Try the ’70s style makeup and let yourself be inspired by icon looks, such as Farah Fawcett in her Charlie’s Angels day, to create a fresh spin on ’70s makeup with a cool retro touch.

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