The hot season brings a radical innovation among the latest makeup trends. White is undoubtedly the new black and more and more celebrities as well as fashion guru designers adopt this tendency on the catwalk and off. Though some might restrict themselves to the mattes and moderate look, it is highly recommended to experiment with a similar trick that can be embedded even in the boring and plain weekdays. Used mainly by makeup artists who managed to attract the spotlight to the eyes of models, ivory serves as the best shade to transgress the worn-out look and fuse more trends into a dazzling and oh-so-fab appearance both paired with a casual or more ceremonial attires.

Those who were fond of the ‘no-makeup’ or ‘nude’ look will be thrilled to practice their skills and create a unique effect complementing all facial features. Celebrities also joined the party of white eye makeup trend followers by applying a similar colored eye shadow on the lower eye. Banish the dull look of your glimpse with a nude or beige eye shadow paired with the ivory tones and pull off a nymph-look that flatters both brown as well as blue eyes.

Giambatista Valli is the mastermind behind this revolutionary technique to grab the attention and amaze. This trend perfectly adapts to the warm season and its vivid tendencies both in fashion and makeup. Complete the ensemble of the various tools with a white pencil or eyeliner that can be applied on the lower eyelid in order to further boost the desired effect. However it seems that Donna Karan also finds the miraculous and oh-so-fab power of white telling and meaningful to accentuate the youth and beauty of models.

Use these shades to emphasize the shape of your eyes and equal eventual disproportions. Though this tendency popped up also in 2008, makeup artists still managed to re-invent it a few years later fulfilling the need of the public for the ‘wow’ effect. Lift the droopy eyelids with a creative trick and balance the supernatural aura of the style with other flattering shades as beige, matte pink and also a muted nude eye shadow. The only condition to master the white eye makeup look is to match it with your natural skin tone. Those who were blessed with a porcelain complexion should skip the excessive use of white under the eyes. On the other hand those who enjoy the beauty of dark skin tone should wobble between the white and beige color palette. Along purple and sparkling makeup white will find its well-deserved position among the makeup trend of summer 2010.

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