There are various sciences that deal with the structure of the face and whether it has any relevance when analyzing someone’s personality. Indeed this might not be valid for everyone, still there are cases when we might find out more of our character by taking a closer look at the shape of the lips, nose and also eyes. Learn more about your eye shape personality if you are fascinated by the modern science of face reading. Whether you believe in it or not the point is to have fun and find out what pro specialists can tell about the bond between your face and most importantly eye shape and personality. These are the main categories to consider before heading to the mirror for a fun glimpse analysis.

Close-Set Eyes

Those who have close-set eyes are often considered confident and rather independent. Relying on the help of others might not be the real deal for them, therefore they often might seem selfish and stubborn. However their personality is in fact dominated by self-asuredness.

Devoting special attention to the smallest details they often turn into being a perfectionist. These individuals often seem mysterious therefore radiate a ‘ you-can’t-have-me’ image. Still, their best qualities are their versatile personality as well as ability to cope with stress.

In order to show off your pride for being blessed with a similar feature make sure you embrace the doe-eyes makeup trend which is oh-so-popular and can be easily created with the shades that best suit your skin tone. Use a fine eyeliner to draw the fine shape of your eyes and then proceed to the application of eye shadow and finally volumizer mascara.

Wide-Set Eyes

Details are no interest for those who have wide-set eyes therefore they often concentrate on the overall image. This is how the philosophical character comes from. These people have no difficulties in refusing a down-to-earth lifestyle and instead diverge into the world of fantasy and endless possibilities.

Wide-set eyes signal a more wider perspective and open attitude towards various things in life. Art and other philosophical domains and subjects are no unfamiliar things for them. Their sense of freedom to enjoy life is one of the most appealing traits that makes them so popular in their entourage.

For wide-set eyes make sure you try your hand at the cat eyes makeup which would do miracles with your glimpse by illuminating and boosting its prominence. Use the deep and profound tones to bring out your eye color.

Bulging Eyes

It might seem funny that bulging eyes are associated with a person who is keen to keep a strong eye contact while chatting or other social activities. Indeed this eye shape distinguishes itself both in size and structure.

The fragile eyelids that mask the bug eyes are all trademark characteristics of a similar glimpse. These individuals are eager to get familiarized with brand new things craving also for the encounter with interesting people. Friends are extremely important for them as well as the relationship with their working or school colleagues.

In order to create the illusion of a perfectly proportionate eye shape apply white or lighter tones to the eyelids especially to the crease area in order to even out the more prominent space there. Use an eyeliner to define the eyes, still make sure you use a less profound tone when highlighting the lower lashline.

Upward Turning Cat Eyes

Competition is a keyword when it comes of those who have similar upward turning cat eyes. In their case challenges are real fun as they know what they want and also know how to get it. Confidence is one of their most prominent traits and therefore they might seem a bit selfish.

However optimism is also one of their strengths, therefore it is not difficult for them to build brand new relationships with others and keep them strong and harmonious. Using their personal charm they often appeal to their physical traits to win the heart of others.

There’s no need to emphasize that cat eye makeup is the real deal when it comes of emphasizing the worth-admiring shape of their eyes. Therefore if you were blessed with a similar eye shape, make sure you try your hand at the various shades ad popular eye makeup designs.